My Cheese Shoppe grand opening Sunday, November 6th

My Cheese Shoppe is located at 202 South Meridian in Puyallup.  They’re having their grand opening event this Sunday, November 6, from 1 pm to 5 pm. Laurie Sanders-Polen, owner of the shop, explains “We will be introducing ourselves to people who don’t know we’re here yet. Mt. Townsend, a local creamery out of Port Townsend will be available to answer questions that attendees ask. They will be sampling their cheeses: Seastack, Trufflestack, Off Kilter, and New Moon. We’ll have a drawing and prizes for cheese plates, store credits, t-shirts, and hats (some from cheese makers and some My Cheese Shoppe).

Laurie added, “Parking is great and there will be a Pilates studio opening November 1st next door which will draw more business in downtown Puyallup on Sundays.” Laurie explained in further detail, “It is our first Sunday of our store being open for the Holiday Season (we’re usually closed Sundays and Mondays, but will be open Sundays seasonally) from 1 pm to 5 pm. Mt. Townsend Creamery will be our guest cheese maker. We will be doing a cutting into England’s Cave Aged Wookey Hole Cheddar which has been crowned Supreme Champion at this year’s International Cheese Awards, winning the accolade ahead of more than 3,700 other competitors where a panel of 150 expert judges from the dairy industry judged the Farm’s Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar which was made in April 2010, as Best in Show.  We will also have a few raffles. Everyone who comes will receive a ticket entry just for coming, and then everyone who purchases will receive a second chance ticket entry in the drawings (no need to be present at time of drawing).  We will be giving away hats and many other fun items as prizes!!!”

Customers in front, and Laurie behind the counter

Laurie shared what she thinks of the event, “It’s fun to educate people about cheese and food, products…a lot of cheeses they haven’t heard of. It’s just fun sharing my passion with other people…striving to make My Cheese Shoppe your cheese shoppe. That’s why we named it that so when people go and say they went to “My Cheese Shoppe” we wanna personalize it that way for customers.”

Laurie discussed the history of her store, “We opened June 15, 2011. I opened just because I always wanted something since I was in 11th grade; I’ve wanted a café, which this will work into in a couple years.  I went to work with a specialty foods distributor and then decided I wanted to open my own cheese shop.” Laurie shared what many people may not know about her store, “My Cheese Shoppe began as a mobile cheese business in October 2009 doing private tastings in homes, schools & businesses in order to build the business and a following….. in order to give us the opportunity to eventually open our store front.”

Laurie mentioned the best thing about the grand opening event, “The Grand Opening is a chance for us to celebrate the recent success of our new business. To welcome new customers and thank our regulars by showcasing our cheeses, having Mt. Townsend Creamery here, giving away door prizes and doing a raffle!”

Laurie talked about how the event was different compared to other grand opening events, “It is unique to downtown Puyallup and our surrounding neighbor towns/cities in that there has not been a specialty cheese shop here before. It’s something folks would experience in Seattle or a trip across the mountains to Leavenworth, but now they get to have it right here in their own community. I constantly hear how much they love that!”

When asked who she recommends attend her grand opening event, Laurie replied, “Everyone because it’s fun and yummy! We have something here for everyone, whether it’s cheese, salami, handmade toffee and caramels, crackers, and more!! There is something for everyone!!” Laurie even recommends everyone visit her store in general, “Everyone; from the cheese enthusiasts learning and willing to try it all, to the cheese novices who love it all and want more!! Kids, seniors, Men, Women; Everyone!! Heck…even the dogs that get walked by our store stop and wish they could come in!”

When asked what other upcoming events, programs, classes, etc. at her store, Laurie replied, “We have a number of fun things in the works that we will share with everyone in the near future.”

My Cheese Shoppe is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm, and Sunday the store is open for seasonal hours, especially on November 6, 2011 for the grand opening event from 1 pm to 4 pm. “We are here to make My Cheese Shoppe their cheese shop, and we are having a ball doing it!!!” Laurie concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff

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  1. Laurie Sanders-Polen

    With the holidays nipping at our toes and the festivities soon to begin~~~The My Cheese Shoppe Family would like to invite you and yours to our 1st Annual “Cheeses For Jesus” community non~profit fundraising event!!! We will be thrilled if you would join us for 1 very special day of giving during all of our busy, busy holiday schedules so together we can celebrate why Christmas IS Christmas and all of the good and fun things we enjoy by celebrating it!!!
    All of our profits from sales on this day and any donations will be given to children who are in great need of a happy holiday that they may not otherwise get!!!!
    It will be fun, and we look forward to sharing this memory with you!
    Happy Holiday Season to everyone!
    Please see our facebook page events for more info!!!

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