New Asian restaurant

Yummy Grill, located at 3932 S. Meridian Street in Puyallup, opened Saturday, December 17, 2011. The restaurant provides a selection of Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese food. Bubble tea is served as well as an assortment of appetizers including seafood. Lunch specials are offered from 11 am to 3 pm. The restaurant is having a grand opening special in which you buy one entrée and get one entrée half price.

Jennifer Kim, a waitress at Yummy Grill, explained how the owner, Mr. Jung, wanted to have a restaurant where customers can try different types of Asian food. She explained that the chef, Mr. Yoon, has lots of experience, including working at a deli and is a creative and passionate person. “Even though you can get orange chicken and broccoli chicken anywhere, he will make a very different dish that’s creative and healthy.”

Jennifer shared what she thought of her job, “I really like working here, seriously. First of all, I like the owner; he’s a very reasonable person. I’ve worked with many other owners and they’re all different…each owner has their character but, our owner’s very reasonable and logical. He just touched my heart and I decided to work here. I’m very impressed with the owner.” She discussed the best thing about the restaurant, “The chef. I’ve worked with other chefs and they usually don’t talk that much, but he has a very open mind. He’s said, “I don’t wanna insist only my opinions. I always have open ears so people know I’m ready to listen. If you have a good idea and wanna recommend something please ask me and tell me; share your opinions.” It was impressive and very cool on my first day. The chef is always happy to change the order if the customer thinks the menu item is too salty or sweet.”

When asked what items she would recommend on the menu, Jennifer replied, “I really love all of this. My favorites are the teriyaki and beef combination platters. The teriyaki and Chinese combos have yummy sauces and are cooked with vegetables that killed me (Jennifer laughs) in a good way. I also recommend the Sun Du Bu (a Korean spicy tofu soup). I recommend people try that dish because it has all types of vegetables and the tofu is really healthy.” Jennifer mentioned that the Yummy Grill is unique compared to other restaurants because of all the different types of Asian food. Jennifer stated, “I want people to know that the menu is here, but we can custom make it for the customer.”

Jennifer discussed what many people may not know about Yummy Grill, “Yummy Grill as you know the name; we want people to know that all the food is yummy. (Jennifer laughs) I believe that my chef will no doubt make customers very satisfied.” When asked who she recommended visit the restaurant, Jennifer replied, “People that are around this area…in the neighborhood and workers around here. The owner doesn’t wanna compete with the other restaurants, he wants to let them win and we also make our own way to win. If they wanna come, they will come.” When asked if she recommended her family and friends to the restaurant, Jennifer replied, “Oh yes, of course. I can tell them if you wanna have your own lunch plate less salty or you wanna have spicy food, we can customize every dish for each person. (The dish will still be called the same name for example, “orange chicken” or “broccoli chicken).” If you wanna get your own dish, then come on in.”

Jennifer also shared, “Since we opened, we used to be Skipper’s restaurant and a lot of people ask about Skipper’s, so kindly my owner left fish, chips, and clam strips on the menu to not disappoint people. Nowadays people prefer healthy dishes and if you want good, healthy food or even if you eat breaded and deep fried we wanna show you that you can also maintain your diet with Chinese cuisine or meat dishes. We can still keep our healthy diets while eating Yummy Grill.” For more information, please call: 253 841-0123. “Anything you order comes with soup, fresh cucumber and spicy salad, and edamame,” Jennifer concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for