New Year’s Eve with Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a local singer and entertainer in the Tacoma and Puyallup area. He can be described as ambitious, reliable, and positive. Chris was born and lived in Puyallup for the first 22 years of his life and temporarily lived in Eatonville and is now back in Puyallup. Chris is known for his three albums: “The Thrill of Christmas” which was his first recording that came out this year, “Let Them Talk” comprised of jazz standards and blues was released in 2010, and “How Sweet it is” is comprised of jazz standards was released in 2008. “My favorite album of mine is ‘The Thrill of Christmas’ because I got to record a few of the songs that were present during my earliest memories. It was fun to mentally revisit my childhood during the recording process and use that to flavor the album.”

Chris explained how long he’s worked in his current career and what lead him there, “Been doing it for almost 6 years. What lead me to it was my Grandpa introduced me to his music when I was 17. After awhile of listening to it grew on me; Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and Nat King Cole. I grew up in a musical family and always around holiday parties where we would be singing or playing instruments. My family and I just kind of gave it a shot. When I was 18 years old, I got this computer recording studio and started recording songs in my room for fun. My parents took it to work for co-workers and they thought it was really good.”

“I was at my Grandpa’s house one day and at the time; I had never performed for an audience before. I sang for grandparents and was all nervous, so my Grandpa calls up my uncle Jeff who was in a jazz trio and had me sing for my uncle over the phone. My uncle liked it so much and invited me to be a lead singer of his group. I started singing in audiences at that point and then all at the same time I didn’t have a career path. My parents worked at Boeing and my parents encouraged me to get this job at Boeing, in which I first had to go to school in Nebraska.”

“Luckily, I wasn’t the best in math and I couldn’t get accepted to take that class in Nebraska until I took two math classes here. There was a 6-month window, so my parents urged me to get a job and my best friend worked at an Italian restaurant in Eatonville, so I applied there. They accepted me as a bus boy and what intrigued me at working at this place was that it was themed after the Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Junior. The restaurant was built with lights, a stage, and a sound system. I was perfectly content working there 6 months doing dishes, music was playing that I loved, and it was cool.”

“On January 20, 2007 my uncle who I sang to over the phone came into the restaurant with other family members. My uncle and my close family knew that I sang. After my boss sang a couple of songs, my uncle went to my boss and informed him that he wouldn’t leave until Chris sings ‘Fly me to the Moon’ song by Frank Sinatra. I sang to a full group of people. There was a big ovation and my boss promoted me to being the ‘singing bus boy’. Now at my job, I would bus tables and sing a few songs and bus tables again.”

“Now this whole world opened up for me and I remember thinking, how am I going to convince my parents that I could make a career out of singing for next few months while going to school? I was listening to my favorite artists and putting them into my own and started getting better and better and more published. After some convincing, I was able to convince them to support me in my singing career. From there, Evening magazine did a show on me and the lady that interviewed me for the Tacoma News Tribune got me on cover of the Tacoma News Tribune.”

Chris discussed the best thing about his career, “Probably connecting emotionally to people through music. I always look at singing as being 90% emotion and probably the other 10% technical. If I can do a show with songs that have been around so long as my own interpretation of them, I can take these people through an emotion, for example, being sad, happy, or hopeful.  If I can bring them on that journey, than that’s my whole goal.”

Chris revealed what many people may not know about him as a person, “I am shy when I am not on stage. Not long after I started singing, I realized that being shy and being a performer don’t mix, so I had to find a way to separate the two. I’ve been able to defeat my fear of being in front of a crowd as a performer but when I’m not performing, I don’t enjoy the lime light. Also, If I weren’t singing, I would want to be a baseball player. That’s my first love and I’m obsessed with baseball. It’s my number one sport and I watch a lot of football and basketball. I’m really into sports. I play softball year round on a team.”

Chris is motivated by his idols, Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble, Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Stevie Wonder. “They motivate me from an entertainment standpoint. My fans motivate me from an inspiring stand point. My idols would do that, too. My fans keep me driven to do better. I have to mention my family, friends, and girlfriend that been there since day one. I met my girlfriend about 4 months of singing as a bus boy and have been with her 5.5 years.”

Chris feels that being able to perform for hundreds of people at a time to be his biggest accomplishment, “In my wildest dreams it would’ve never seemed possible. It took a lot of research, practice, and drive to get here…it’s so exciting. My last New Year’s Eve show sold out when I performed at the Courtyard Marriott in Tacoma.”

Chris’ short-term and long-term career goals include: “Continue to work hard to gain more and more momentum in the music business. My long-term goal is to become a household name as an entertainer.” Chris’ life goals include: “To spend as much time as possible with family and friends.”

Chris’ hobbies and interests include: baseball, softball, football, basketball, snowboarding, wakeboarding, golf, bowling, volleyball, billiards, and fishing. Aside from appreciating Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr., Chris also enjoys Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Beastie Boys, Will Smith, and Jackie Wilson. Chris commented: “I listen to nearly all music, except for newer country.” Chris’ top five favorite movies include: Dumb & Dumber, The Wizard Of Oz, Mrs. Doubtfire, Home Alone, and Planes Trains & Automobiles. Chris discussed his favorite television shows, “My new favorite show is The Walking Dead. All-time favorites include: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Psych, Leave It To Beaver, ESPN News, Home Improvement, and American Pickers.” Although Chris is not a huge fan of reading books, but biographies and history are the two genres that he finds most interesting.

Chris will be performing New Year’s Eve at the Tacoma Marriott’s Cascade Ballroom. Tickets are available at: or by calling: 253.627.3535. Chris commented: “I will also have four 2013 dates headlining at the Nisqually Red Wind Casino.”

Chris concluded: “I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of my career. Whether it be their time, donations, advice, support, quality work, spreading the word, or coming to my shows, many people have lent a helping hand and I would not be where I am today without them.”

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  1. I love Jazz and to have one in Puyallup is reaaly neat. Nice article,Carly. You should get Chris more exposure with this !!Keep up the good work.

  2. This event was different than I expected (dark and sitting at tables with no reserved seating) however, overall a good event. Chris and his dad performed and Chris and his dad are good singers. Chris did a good impression of a rapper (one song he did). I got pictures with him as well and met his girlfriend.

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