Newsboys and Building 429 in Tacoma

According to the Tacoma News Tribune, Dove award-winning, Grammy-nominated Christian music super group, Newsboys, have announced their spring 2013 “God’s Not Dead Tour.” The tour also includes the following bands: Building 429,All Things New, and Campbell. This show will feature a more intimate venue for worship, with the full production of their normal arena setting, and will be held on Friday, March 1, at 7 pm at the Temple Theater in the Landmark Catering and Convention Center.

Summer Sorensen, Marketing Manager for LMG Concerts, talked about the band, “Newsboys are a Christian-worship rock band that has been around since the 1980’s and they’re from Australia. They have been chart topping Christian music since the early 1990’s. They put out dozens of albums. There are four members which include: a drummer, lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist.

Building 429 is also a favorite for Christian music. They have recieved a lot of number one hits and awards, including a few Dove awards. They have had a huge impact on Christian music. They have been around several years. They are the supporting act prior to the Newsboys performing.

All Things New and Campbell are brand new upcoming Christian bands, they will each play a short set, then Building 429, and then Newsboys will close out the show.”

Summer described the type of music as a combination of rock and worship.

Tickets are $35 for reserved seating (middle of the auditorium) and $25 for general admission seating which is on a first come, first serve basis. According to Summer, the best, up-close seats are the VIP seats which also includes a pre-show experience where you can ask questions to band members, receive an autograph, and commemorative items such as a tour laminate (badge that crew wear around their neck) and a collector’s edition photo of the band. You can also receive a picture with the band if you bring your own camera.

Summer commented: “The Newsboys have lots of great songs, they are full of energy and they put on a very enjoyable live show. They are more of the entertaining shows to watch along with Christian bands. They really give it their all and put on an entertaining show.”

Summer discussed the best thing about the Newsboys: “They really have a heart for God and it comes through in their music and the experience they provide for the fans at the show. They work hard to not only engage fans at the concert, but lead them through the worship experience and I think they do it well.”

Summer revealed what some people may not know about Newsboys: “It depends on how hard core of a fan of Newsboys you are, as you already may know that the lead singer: Michael Tait formerly a member of the Christian super group DC Talk (another big band in 1990s). It’s interesting that Michael Tate is the lead singer for Newsboys now, for about 3 years. It’s interesting to see the melding of the two bands.”

Summer discussed the uniqueness of Newsboys: “They’re unusually engaging with their live show, they have a lot of gimmicks, and they put the drummer on a lift that elevates with his drum kit and spins in an entire circle. They sometimes pull out surprises that nobody’s expecting. You never know what you’re going to get at a Newsboys show, but it’s always entertaining.”

For more information, please visit: or call: (360) 696-4558. “I encourage anyone who enjoys great Christian music to come out and enjoy it and have an inspirational night and a lot of fun,” Summer concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for