Nordic Festival

The Nordic Festival will take place Saturday, October 15, 2011 at Mt. View Community Center/Gym located at: 3505 122nd Avenue East Edgewood, WA from 10 am to 4 pm. There will be free parking and free admission; as well as $1 hourly drawings where four items awarded including: a drinking horn, mittens, cookbooks, gift baskets, etc. Embla Lodge #2 is an annual participant in the Scandinavian Heritage Festival at the Fairgrounds in Puyallup, Washington. Embla also participates with other local Norwegian organizations to plan the annual Norwegian Heritage Festival, held on the last Saturday of February at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU).

The lodge offers a variety of Norwegian cooking classes at PLU. In addition to the varied Norwegian cultural programs and parties offered at lodge meetings, Embla Lodge has various craft groups. Programs that have been offered by the lodge within the past two years include: Norwegian Holiday Fests and Events, Craft Programs, Hipp, Hipp, Hurra!, Edvard Grieg & other Norwegian composers, Christmas in Norway, History of Skiing in Norway, Nordic Cruise of Puget Sound, History & Language Programs, Musical programs & entertainment, Day to Day Life of Women in a Viking Household, and Historical Items from PLU Scandinavian Archives.

According to Karen Bell, President of the Embla Lodge #2, the Nordic Festival is sponsored by Embla #2 Daughters of Norway to promote their Nordic heritage education and enjoyment and maintain the presence of their Nordic culture in the local region. Karen described the festival, “Embla Lodge knew there would be many disappointed local Scandinavians who have a tradition of attending the Scandinavian festival which is normally the first weekend in October. Traditional foods such as meatballs, lefse (traditional soft Norwegian flatbread), cookies, and of course coffee is served along with traditional fiddle music and dancing! Many traditional crafts were supported such as rosemaling (Norwegian decorative painting) and Hardanger embroidery and of course the woolen sweaters, hats, and mittens.”

Karen feels the best thing about the festival, “This is our first attempt at sponsoring a festival that promotes Norway and all Scandinavian countries including: Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. The best is usually the reminders through food, music, and storytelling of how our immigrant ancestors came to America with high hopes and they worked hard to support their new country.” Karen discussed what to expect at the festival, “Nordic Spirit duo of Hardanger fiddle and accordion music, the Normanna Male Chorus and the Embla Leikarring, a traditional dance group will be performing. We have many local vendors selling: sweaters, rosemaled items, and perhaps some jewelry including handmade drinking horns.”

Aside from Karen Bell, Mardy Fairchild, Chris Engstrom, Janet Ruud, Sharon Groeneveld, Judie Miller, Joan Anderson, Diane Nelson, Julie Touchette, Marilyn Mahnke, Ellen Campbell, and many more have contributed to make the festival a success. When asked who she recommended attend the festival, Karen replied, “All Scandinavian people who have a love and memory of family who were proud, hard working Scandinavians yet they were most proud of their new home in America!”

For more information about Embla Lodge #2, please visit: For more information about the Nordic Festival, please call Karen at: (253) 302-5110.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for