Northwest Advanced Medical Massage

Northwest Advanced Medical Massage is located at 15406 Meridian East, Ste. 105 in Puyallup (behind Dairy Queen). Richard Wills, co-owner of the business with his wife Samantha Hayden both treat migraine headaches, neck and shoulder pain, tingling arms and/or hands, lower back pain, numbness or tingling in legs or feet, Morton’s Toe (the second toe is longer than the other), and body alignment and pain through massage therapy.

According to Richard and Samantha’s website, they believe the benefits of massage include: improved blood and lymph circulation, which helps eliminate metabolic wastes, helps to balance blood pressure, decreased muscle tension, increased flexibility, suppleness, and elasticity of muscles, detoxification of cellular wastes, decreased stress and stress related illnesses, helps adjust attitude (addressing depression), decreases healing time for soft tissue injuries, enhanced immune system, overall improved connectivity of body, mind, and spirit, assist with headache relief (including migraines), and improves and promotes a deep night’s rest.

Richard Wills expressed what he thought of his job, “I love being a massage therapist I can’t imagine doing something else; I was 24 years in the Army, an EMT, assistant manager in gym, I owned my own aerobics business and a handyman…and all out of those jobs hands down this is my favorite job. Because I get to help people not be in pain anymore.” Richard feels the best thing about his job, “We get to help people who need help and we get to help them affordably. This type of therapy is the most effective for dealing with chronic pain and different than typical massage relaxation by softening and lengthening the muscles and the pain goes away. In general a massage produces endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killer our focus not endorphins but change the muscle length and to soften the muscle. We do that through PNF (propioneuro-facilitated stretching) to demonstrate a PNF stretch, reciprocal inhibition, and manual ligament therapy all of which soften and lengthen the muscle.”

He explained how his massage business is different compared to others, “We focus more on medical treatment massage rather than relaxation massage. I have worked with massage therapists that do treatment work and their relaxation work. We get clients all time, “nobody has ever done that before” (Richard explained how it had to deal with the psoas muscle). We’re actually achieving a realignment of the body versus a feel good rub a dub topical massage.”

Samantha Hayden explained the history on their business, “We’ve been licensed for three and a half years and working in Pierce County for two and a half years. We’ve been in our current location since November 2010. We actually opened our own business to focus on treatment work because we didn’t have the perception that we were the average massage therapist and everything about our office to show that we do a little more, we focus on treatment and can do relaxation but really wanna show the other side of massage and useful for actual medical treatment and recovery type stuff.”

Samantha expressed how she felt about her job, “I can’t really imagine doing anything else. I never even considered massage before I don’t know how I really discovered massage school and it just kinda happened if I can’t do massage I don’t know what other job I would do and actually enjoy doing.”

When asked what the best thing about her business, Samantha replied, “I guess accessibility as far as location goes, it’s just been great.” It’s convenient and accessible, easy for the client to find lots of space in here and lots of space to do what we do best,” Richard added.

Samantha explained how Northwest Advanced Medical Massage is different compared to other massage centers, “I think our first priority is figuring out what’s going on…somebody comes in and their shoulders hurt…not just work on shoulders look at what they’re doing in their everyday life and find out how to counter act. Where it hurts is not where it’s coming from, what makes our treatment more effective…Not many people just looking for relaxation.”

Richard explained the coupon specials he offers, “We offer coupon specials periodically so Google Puyallup massage coupon (when we have a coupon up it’ll be up) through Rely Local. Additionally, discounts and specials and on Facebook or our website that people can check once in awhile. If we get response to considered offering a couple’s massage class so you can learn how to rub your honey. When we offered that in the past there was not enough response, if interested, give us a call…if we get six couples, we’ll put the class on. (You can sign up as singles as well).”

When asked who she recommended use Northwest Advanced Medical Massage, Samantha replied, “Pretty much anybody who uses their body. (Samantha laughs) not many people who don’t have that much of a complaint who don’t work really hard work construction, office worker, or stay at home mom they have aches and pains from what they do every day and they can benefit from massage. Especially those that have had an injury even 10 years ago.”

“Eight years and 800 years,” Richard added. When asked if she recommended her services to her family and friends, Samantha responded, “Yeah, they need it (Samantha laughs). Actually my family really needs it and they don’t come.”

Samantha added, “We do use hot stones in most massages and we don’t charge extra for that type of thing. Two or three essential oils as a therapy and don’t charge extra when we do need to use the oils (for example, peppermint for a headache) just add in if it seems appropriate.” “When you want to come in for a relaxation massage and pain you can’t relax until the chronic pain has been dealt with. When you get the typical massage relaxed for an hour this type of structural integration massage your body is relaxed for days. Chronic pain is a result of muscle imbalance,” Richard concluded.