Olson Mansion

Olson Mansion is located at 21401 224th Avenue SE Maple Valley, WA 98038. Adrielle Flinders, event manager for Olson Mansion, explained details of the mansion, “Olson Mansion is 20-acre of land that has a barn being remodeled on-site. It is a 10,000 square foot 4-story mansion that has a large tent that’s referred to as a pavilion. It’s great for events; from family reunions, to weddings, and birthday parties.

Ceremony outside the mansion

The barn can be rented and will be completed in January 2013. Currently, we are increasing the size up to 4,000 sq. ft. and doing a major renovation to the barn, such as: new flooring, we gutted out the whole barn and tore down the sides and started with the frame still up.

The mansion has the bridal suite, grooms quarters, and kitchen that the caterers cook in, and this is all in the mansion and included when people rent our facility.

The pavilion can accommodate up to 300 guests, and there is a large tent that has a tent liner, (fabric drawn across the top to look fancier) and a ceiling inside the tent with hanging chandeliers and it is heated for the winter months.

Whenever people rent the barn or the pavilion, they get the mansion for use as well.”

Adrielle explained the history of the mansion, “In 1898, the Olson family purchased the house, tore it down, and rebuilt it in 1907. In 1909, the barn was built. In 1960, the Brunton family bought the whole property and moved in. 1990, they sold it to the Taylor Creek Group that developed the golf course. There was a golf course that was used in the property, but is no longer used. In 1991, the mansion was designated a King County landmark. The Taylor Creek Group sold the mansion to Colleen and Jerry Solomon and they opened it up for catering and events. Gallucci’s started catering for Olson Mansion as well. In Dec. 30, 2010 they sold it to the New Community Church who now owns it.”

Adrielle commented on what she thinks of the mansion: “I think that it’s a very beautiful open property. It’s really big and the grounds are great. I think it’s cool that we can have two events at the same time (the barn and pavilion are far away from each other). The back drop with the hills is beautiful. It has great picture opportunities on a sunny day and it’s a picture perfect place for a wedding.”

Adrielle discussed the best thing about Olson Mansion, “I think the view it has all around and how well kept it really is. It really looks like Washington here with beautiful green, big trees, and rolling hills. I feel the new barn is going to be amazing. Barns are the “it” things for weddings. I think when the barn is done we’re going to have a lot of events in here for the years to come.”

As Adrielle mentioned previously about the mansion having a golf course, Adrielle explained: “We used to have a 9-hole golf course on site and we no longer use the property at the golf course. New Community Church has major plans for the property after the barn is built with another big huge complex. They’re expanding on the property buildings for the church. The golf course was here in 1990 golf course and by 2007 it was no longer being used.”

Adrielle discussed how the mansion was unique, “It’s unique because we have two venues on site; the barn and pavilion. The mansion is in really great condition for how old it is. It has 4 stories and a basement.”

The pavilion set up for a 120 person reception

When asked who she recommended visit the mansion, Adrielle replied, “Anyone looking for a unique space for an upcoming event whether it’s a birthday party, wedding reception, or family reunion. We also have a swimming pool and put-put golf course and those are included with rentals.”

For more information about Olson Mansion, please visit: www.olsonmansionrental.com. “Check out our website for any future open houses that we may hold and come see how beautiful the property is for yourself,” Adrielle concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com

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  1. Carly, I’m suggesting that my boyfriend read this article and we go visit. We have a date set for Aug 2013 and I want to look at this place alittle closer. Thank you. Nikkei.

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