Pilates in Puyallup

Becky Walls, owner of the studio, is performing the hundred on the reformer (pilates pose).

Inspired Movement Pilates Studio opened on November 1, 2011 at 204 South Meridian in downtown Puyallup. Becky Walls, Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, LMP and owner, stated what she thought of her studio, “I love it. Everyone’s energy is really positive. I enjoy teaching people to learn to use their bodies correctly and give them the sense of strength and confidence to go about their daily lives. Inspired Movement Pilates Studio’s goal is to teach people to move in their bodies more precisely and correctly.” Another quality she states about the studio is, “The sense of community and the building of relationships within. The relationships typically end up becoming friendships amongst the cliental.”

Inspired Movement Pilates Studio also offers massage therapy. Massages are $60 an hour. She offers an assortment of massages from relaxation to rehabilitative. There is a monthly package massage deal for $100 where a person can obtain two massages. Becky is also running a special until the end of December 2011, where a person can pick between any three of the following two sessions: private Pilates sessions or massages for $135. There is also a special for Group Mat classes which include five classes for $50, offer good until February 29, 2012 (normal price for five classes is $85).

Becky shared how her studio is unique compared to other Pilates studios. “Inspired Movement Pilates Studio is unique because we offer group mat classes and privates sessions, (by appointment), in the early morning (starting at 5:15 am) as well as weekend and evenings. I want to add express lunch group mat classes (45 minutes in length) and more semi private classes. I also teach Gentle Pilates at the Dr. Richard Ostenson Cancer Center twice a week. I work with the cancer patients who are in various stages of their cancer treatment. I teach very basic Pilates moves, as well as gentle stretches, and most importantly, balance. Many of the cancer survivors continue on with private sessions.”

Becky is a Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor with four years of teaching experience. She is heading into her third year of teaching Pilates at the Dr. Richard Ostenson Cancer Center in Puyallup. Becky has also been a licensed massage practitioner for Washington State since 2004. Becky considers herself a very active person that participates in: dressage, hiking, enjoys running and many other physical activities, all of which she applies Pilates to.

Becky shared a story of how Pilates has helped her in her own life, “I was riding my horse and was thrown off three years ago sending me to the ER. I had a lot of soft tissue damage around my right hip joint and up my right side of my body but no broken bones or dislocated joints due to the fact I had such strong connective tissue. I wasn’t able to walk for weeks or ride for five or six months. I was able to rehab through what I know from Pilates and skip physical therapy. I’m now back to riding my horse, running five miles like it’s nothing and I have no hip pain. I contribute all that recovery to Pilates and my knowledge of the body.”

Becky commented, “My biggest reason for teaching Pilates is that after my fall and being hurt so badly, I realized how bodies are meant to move and in order to rehab myself I had to move my body. Some days you don’t want to move because it hurts, whether it is from an injury, arthritis, age or illness, but it is important for people to move their bodies through the injury and the pain. Even if all you can do is a little bit of movement, you will become stronger and healthier with time, patience, and perseverance.”

Inspired Movement Pilates Studio recently donated 114 pounds of food to the Puyallup Food Bank. On November 19th and 20th, Inspired Movement Pilates Studio had a Mat class food drive where attendees brought food donations and paid $5 to receive an hour long group mat class.

Aside from the $135 (plus tax) special for any three sessions of your choice, Becky is also offering grand opening specials for private Pilates sessions. She is currently offering a private session for $48 (plus tax), five private sessions for $225 (plus tax), or ten private sessions for $420 (plus tax) offer good until February 29, 2012.

When asked who she recommends visit Inspired Movement Pilates Studio, Becky replied, “I recommend everybody.  I work with people who have rehabilitation injuries, people with cancer, and multiple sclerosis.  I work with athletes and everybody in between. Anyone that wants to feel better and get healthy and stronger are invited to come try some classes at Inspired Movement Pilates Studio. Come see for yourself how Pilates can contribute to a healthier, happier daily lifestyle.”

For more information, please visit: http://www.imovepilates.com/ or call: (253) 906-2292. “Inspired Movement Pilates Studio… Because bodies are meant to move,” Becky concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com