Purple Peacock?

The Purple Peacock is a unique gift store in downtown Tacoma. Items range from jewelry to furniture, and include unique gifts from Asia and around the world. The store has been here since January 2011 and is located on Pacific Avenue. Ashleigh David, owner of the Purple Peacock store, gave a background on the store, “My two favorite things are shopping and traveling and I pay myself to do it. I love purple and I love peacocks,” she said. Ashleigh managed the Dragon Fly store for two years prior to turning the store into her own business.
When asked what types of items the store sells, Ashleigh replied, “Jewelry I bring in from Beijing, Bali, Shanghai, silks, scarves, antiques, and lots of yummy candles and lotions.” She explained how the Purple Peacock is more special than other stores, “I go over to Asia and hand pick things so you won’t see it at other stores in Tacoma or in the area. Each thing has a history or story on it,” Ashleigh stated. For example, Ashleigh bought silver bangles, which are bracelets from an outdoor market in Beijing. “I think it’s a great place for people to find something unique and maybe discover another culture,” she added.
Ashleigh explained how she has an email customer database so that all her customers obtain coupons to the store. Ashleigh hosts private events for people that are a win, win for both parties. For more information, contact Ashleigh. Ashleigh recommends the store to her family and friends, she stated, “They all shop here. It’s their “go to” gift store.”
Elizabeth Martin, a legal secretary and customer of the Purple Peacock every other week when she lived in the Tacoma area. Now, Elizabeth visits the store as frequently as she can, “I’ll definitely stop by because Ashleigh has a fantastic eye for picking out pieces, I’m a particular fan of her jewelry,” Elizabeth explained. She discussed how the Purple Peacock is different compared to other stores, “Well, I like the layout; it’s really warm and stylish. You have to do a few laps around the store, to see everything that’s there…And you feel beautiful because your surroundings are beautiful and so well put together,” she said.
When asked what many people may not know about the store, Elizabeth revealed, it’s a young business venture, Ashleigh is 27 and it’s her first business. I don’t know if they know this young mind has taken on this project. She keeps setting her horizons high and meeting her goals.” “I think it’s a great place to go for a gift. It’s good for those kinds of occasions. When I have to go to a wedding, that’s certainly a place I’ll go to get a bride’s gift,” Elizabeth commented.
When asked if she would recommend the Purple Peacock to her family and friends, Elizabeth responded, “I have recommended to my family and friends and I bring them with me. It’s a great location being on Pacific Avenue right there. You can make a day out of being in the area, visit the museum, too.” “I encourage everyone to check it out and see unique pieces, they can find and make a day of shopping in downtown Tacoma and shop local,” Elizabeth added.
Fred Castro-Diaz, who works in Sales and Marketing, is a frequent customer at the Purple Peacock. When asked how this store was different than other stores, Fred replied, “The quality of the merchandise is outstanding. I have traveled extensively throughout Asia and am familiar with many of the goods that are imported for retail. I am impressed with the quality and rich variety of merchandise in the Purple Peacock. Additionally, the store owner is an art major with a vast knowledge about the products that she sells. There are many unique items in the store, and the store’s floor plan is organized and visually appealing. I want my house to be decorated like the store.” “I definitely like the store. The prices are competitive, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the merchandise is very interesting. The Purple Peacock will be the first store that I visit for Christmas shopping. Ashleigh is planning some buying trips this summer. I am very eager to see the new merchandise,” Fred commented.
When asked if he would recommend the Purple Peacock to his family and friends, Fred replied, “I definitely recommend the store to my friends. It is fun to shop at the Purple Peacock.” “Tacoma is fortunate to have the Purple Peacock located in the Museum District. The store enhances the overall experience of visiting the Museum District. Ashleigh is a strong business woman who is dedicated to her customers and to bringing unique merchandise to Tacoma,” Fred added.
Shannon Brisbois, a Surgical Technician and regular customer at the Purple Peacock expressed how this store is special compared to other stores, “Well, like I said, she gets new things in all the time. She’s [Ashleigh] really good at listening to customers and their requests and keeping with the original idea even though now it’s her business. She’s expanded on the areas of where she brings things in from…Like from Bali and other countries she’s interested in. She’s also bringing in local artists and I think that’s really important. It makes me want to support a local business especially if they have products that someone created from Tacoma or the surrounding area and that’s new to her store. I know she has local artists bring them in, jewelry for example…a real variety of stuff,” Shannon stated.
Shannon added, “I think Ashleigh has a lot more stuff and she has a passion for it which is one of the reasons why she purchased it after managing it because she has a passion for the products. I could always tell that when she was managing it. It’s exciting to actually have her become the owner.”
When asked what many people may not know about the store, Shannon replied, “Maybe they wouldn’t know they actually sell furniture…everything from jewelry to furniture. When asked if she would recommend the Purple Peacock to her family and friends, Shannon responded, “I absolutely would…Just because each time they would find something new and different. It’s a great place for gifts for yourself or someone else and a lot of good deals without having to spend a lot of money…a wide range of price for gifts for whatever occasion to find something different.”
“Purple Peacock has something for everyone, whether it’s for a gift or for you. People always fall in love with something here,” Ashleigh commented. “I think it’s a great to go in a place just knowing the owner has a passion for it and is completely dedicated to finding what you need and she brings in what you want and that’s always a good thing to have a passionate business owner,” Shannon concluded. Come and visit Tacoma’s new Purple Peacock; you will be glad you did.
by Carly Calabrese, Tacoma.com staff