Puyallup Public Library’s 10th anniversary celebration

Saturday, August 25, 2012 the Puyallup Public library will be celebrating its 10th anniversary for being in service in its current location at 324 S. Meridian Puyallup, WA 98371. The celebration is free, open to the public, and no pre-reservation is required. The celebration begins at 9:45 am at the Parkside entrance of the library.

Carol Hopkins, children’s librarian at the Puyallup Public Library, explained details of the event: “There will be music on hand, speeches from Rick Hansen, Mayor of Puyallup, Dee Dee Henry, library board member, and Gay Uhl, former city librarian and library director for the Puyallup Public library.

Cake and punch will be available at the reception provided by the Friends of the Puyallup Library group, a non-profit group that raises money for the library and helps support most of our programming.

In part of 10th anniversary celebration, we want to give back to our community. We are doing a “Food for Fines” drive August 25, 2012 through September 1, 2012. People can bring in an unexpired can or box of food which will go to $1 in library overdue fines that they may have. This does not apply to lost items or items that have gone to collections.”

Carol commented about the library’s anniversary celebration: “I think it’s a great time to celebrate the library and a great excuse to party and be all about the library.” She discussed the best thing about the library, “The library is truly the heart of the community. We are an active place for cultural stories, movies, and books, and provide information the community needs; it’s a good thing to be celebrating as it’s so important to our community.”

Carol discussed what many people may not know about the Puyallup Public Library, “The library has access to not just paper, but online tools, databases, e-books, an online language learning program that people don’t know we have and so much more.”

When asked how she believed the library was unique compared to other libraries, Carol replied, “The library is unique as it is one of the few standalone libraries in Washington. We are not part of a big municipal system. We are surrounded by the Pierce County System, but not part of it. We are supported by the city of Puyallup, the community does a great job with supporting us and helps the “Friends of the Library” group fund programs, and the city of Puyallup helps with our materials budget.”

In honor of the library’s anniversary celebration, the public can show their Puyallup Public Library cards to the following businesses during August 25, 2012 through September 1, 2012 and receive discounts: Anthem Coffee and Tea, Baskets and Things, Beyond the Bottle Liquor and Wine, Dog Days Natural Pet Market, Elements Frozen Yogurt, J.C’.s music store, Newell Hunt Furniture, Puyallup Ace Hardware, Puyallup Carpet Center, Puyallup Custom Frame and Art, Rent-a-Center, Station U-Brew, Walt’s Automotive, and Wash the Dog.

When asked who she recommended attend the library’s anniversary celebration, Carol replied, “Anyone who loves their library.” For more information about the Puyallup Public Library’s 10th anniversary celebration, please visit: www.puyalluplibrary.org or call: 253 841-5454.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com

6 thoughts on “Puyallup Public Library’s 10th anniversary celebration”

  1. I remember you enjoyed going to the library Carly? Do you still go as often? Sounds like this event may be fun.

    1. Yes, and depending on how soon you can get to Puyallup we may be able to hit it up at the reception time (after speeches) before we head out.

      To answer your question, yes I grew up going to the library a lot. I did go to the library a lot last summer where I met clients when I sold online marketing for Tacoma.com. I haven’t really been going as I’ve been buying my books (on sale of course) and DVD’s.

  2. Libraries are a fantastic resource. Right now I have three or four books on CD that I listen to in my car. They’re all checked out for free from libraries. I also do motivational-magic shows for libraries, and visited the Puyallup Library earlier this year with my Science Magic show.

    Congrats on ten years to the Puyallup Public Library!

  3. I just learned that Gay Uhl, the library director who spear-headed the bond movement to get this beautiful new library built, will be on hand to speak at the event on Saturday. Thank Gay for helping Puyallup get this great library!

  4. Has it been that long??? Time flies when you’re having fun. The library looks nice.
    Glad to see the public library system is still going strong despite the HUGH growth in technology.Sometimes,there is NOTHING like a good book in hand along with a good ol’ fashioed cup of coffee-do be careful!!!!

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