Rainier Chorale Harvest Moon Cabaret is Saturday, October 29th

The Harvest Moon Cabaret and Silent Auction will be held Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 6:30pm.  The location for the event is the Green River Community College Conference & Event Center, 12401 SE 320th Street, Auburn, Washington 98092.  Single tickets are $65, and a table of 8 is $480.  Purchase tickets online at www.RainierChorale.org or call (206) 835-8888.

The auction catalog is online.  Highlights of the auction include a Friday Harbor Weekend at Captain’s Cabin, a cozy 3 bedroom home in a private and natural setting with serene views from the deck.  Or you can bid on a one week stay at a 2 bedroom condo in Hawaii, Mexico or Caribbean.

The Harvest Moon event will raise a significant portion of the Rainier Chorale’s annual operating revenue as well as support the annual Scholarship Program.

Noel Klump, member services for Rainier Chorale, explains details of the event, “Harvest moon Cabaret is a dinner and silent auction with theatrical entertainment. Our hope is to produce more theatrical entertainment which will be a recurring fundraising event. The performers are comprised of: ensemble groups and soloists by Rainier Chorale, and all Rainier members had the opportunity to audition in cabaret. Music performing: late 1950’s through the 1970’s…A really fun and energetic collaboration of music. We will also have a jazz band the Rainier Chorale Jazz band compromised of four people that we typically hire they are individuals that do this for a living (four different instrumentalists) that we typically use for our performances.”

Noel explained the logistics of the event, “At 6:30 pm guests will arrive and there will be registration to get in the door, beer and wine and mingling time to preview our silent auction. The silent auction includes donations from King County area businesses, as well as Choir members…humongous range of price points [for auction items] some are small handmade items, and timeshares and a trip to Hawaii; and tickets to other performances…those types of things. There is a complete listing of auction items at: www.rainierchorale.org There will be 60 silent auction items. There will also be a half hour of cabaret entertainment…Dinner served and jazz band. There will also be a “dessert dash.” A dessert dash is something where your table pools their money and the table that comes up with most money first, will be able to select their dessert for their table…Pretty popular for auctions and functions like this. The winning table gets a 20 second head start. Then there will be a 30 to 45 minutes of cabaret and then close out the evening. The event will end around 9 to 9:30 pm. Some of our ensemble performances will feature songs like: “The Boy from New York City” made popular by the Manhattan Transfer. “Here’s that Rainy Day” made popular by “Frank Sinatra and “Walk on By” made popular by “Dionne Warwick.”

Noel discussed the purpose of the event, “Operation costs that incur when we purchase music for each of our members. Membership dues that we charge don’t cover performance costs. Other costs for us: music, accompanists, instrumentalists, local event space, printing costs for program flyers, posters, and reminder postcards…Everything to keep us singing for the public. We give out scholarships to any student of the arts that wants to further teach vocal performing arts in the community. We also help to found Rainier Youth Choirs (we spend money towards that as well). The fundraiser creates sustainability for the Rainier Chorale to allow ourselves to continue performing and sharing our love of music in the community and to further music education in the community as well. That’s what our scholarship is about, helping to fund people that want to teach music.”

Ticket price to the event: $65 per person or attendees can reserve a table of eight at a discounted rate of $480.

Noel shared what she thinks of the event, “I think it’s going to be a very classy and energetic performance. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and definitely worth the money for the ticket and hopefully everyone will feel the same way and want to come back in a nutshell [Noel laughs]. Especially the come back and do it again..love it enough to do it again. The average age of the board members is young; several of us are “under the age of 32 club.” There’s a very new mentality of the board of directors about sustainability those of us that are younger want to be able to perform with this group 10 to 20 years from now. Now kids are coming and singing with us. For people who love to have a creative outlet; it’s a blast. The group is a community in it of itself, we enjoy our company, the music we sing, and performances we do haven’t been bored in the last six years that I’ve been singing with this group.”

Noel discussed the best thing about the event, “The performance we have, our most talented artists performing. Some of these people should be singing professionally and are so hilarious you’d never know without coming the amount of actors that we have in our group of singers. They really can put on a show…they are pretty funny. It’s fairly impressive to see them perform since you know them for singing. It’ll be one of the greatest performances for the south king county, unless you go to Seattle, you don’t get to see a show like this.”

When asked how she thought the event was unique compared to other events, Noel replied, “I think the cabaret platform is an incredibly unique design for fundraisers. I think the other thing is the talent that’s involved…the talented performers and the quality and integrity of their art.” Noel pointed out what many people may not know about the event, “This is put on by a small group of people that are all volunteering from our choir to organize this event…And everything at the event (except the event space and instrumentalist) has been donated.”

Noel recommends anyone age 18 and over that enjoy dinner and a show to attend the event. When asked if she would recommend her family and friends to the event, Noel replied, “Family, friends, and a bunch of my co-workers…so…yeah just to have a nice evening out with your family and friends…makes for a great girl’s night also just to have something to go do and enjoy and talk about the rest of the year.”

For more information: www.rainierchorale.org or call: 253 347-9307. “Come out and have fun while supporting the arts in your community definitely,” Noel added.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff writer for Tacoma.com