Relax, Sip, and Shop at Baskets and Things Thursday evening!

New owner Darcie Lynn and Chloe's Grandma Cheryl Metcalf, who is now the retired owner!

Baskets and Things, a unique gift shop that sells an assortment of items, will be having their Relax, Sip, and Shop event tonight, Thursday, November 17, 2011 from 5:30 to 9:30 pm. The store is located at 121 West Meeker Street in Puyallup, Washington. Red and white wine will be served at the event as well as snacks. Chloe Severson, manager of Baskets and Things, explained the purpose of the event, “We will be asking for $10 donations for Maci, a six year old girl that has leukemia. We are raising money for Maci and her family. Her mom’s blog is and she’s been writing it since the first day she was diagnosed. She posts on the blog to keep everyone informed on how she’s doing and what progress is being made, so we decided to do the “Third Sip Thursday.” It’s a fun and creative way to raise money for the holidays. Mostly the event is to relax, sip, and shop at your favorite store. Come in after work and have a glass of wine and shop, relax, and chat with other people.”




The event includes five raffles, one every half hour beginning at 7 pm and you have to be present to win. Items include a gift certificate to Jewell’s Consignments, a gift from My Cheese Shoppe, and gifts from Baskets and Things.

Chloe explained the history of the store, “My grandma opened the store 32 years ago and was selling baskets in the back of her station wagon with my mom. My mom started helping my grandma with the business when she was 17 years old. Then they started selling out of their garage downtown Sumner for a few years and then they came here (current location of Baskets and Things) for 17 or 18 years…not sure I’m only 19 years old. This is the store I’ve known my whole life. My mom took over last year, which was a year on Halloween since my grandma retired.  We made a lot of big changes. We rearranged the whole store, the counter used to be in middle of the store. We completely flipped the store around. The first week everyone said how amazing it looked in here. We now have a lot of products now, that grandma didn’t carry. Now we have a wider generation of items that we sell between my grandma, mom, and I; a variety for people of all ages. My mom knows things from her generation and the same for my grandma, too. My grandma likes to stop in and see her customers that she has known for years. A lot of people like Baskets and Things….a family owned business that’s been passed around through our family generations; a big thing people always talk about. We’re always told we get the best cards (Chloe laughs).”

Chloe shared how the store is unique compared to other stores, “I think our store is unique because it’s a family owned business, people who work here are family. We greet everyone when they come in and make sure they know we can help. We do complimentary gift wrap, not just a box…we specialize to what you want. We get complimented on how beautiful the gift wrapped items are and good customer service. A lot of places don’t have and pride them self on good customer service. We pride ourselves on good customer service and that’s why they keep coming back to us and have for the past 32 years. Customers that have known me since I was little say, “Wow you’re so big now” (Chloe laughs).

Baskets and Things is also having their annual holiday sale this Friday, November 18, 2011 Saturday, November 19, 2011, and November 20, 2011, Sunday. Items that have any of the following colors: orange, yellow, or brown will be 25% off on Friday. Items that have the color silver or gold will be 25% off on Saturday, and any items that have red or green in them will be 25% off on Sunday. Chloe commented, “We do complimentary gift wrap year round for any purchase. We’re open until 7 pm Friday and Saturday. Sunday we will be open from 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday, normally we are not open on Sundays. Sale excludes: candy, food, cards, and furniture.”

Chloe discussed what she thought of the holiday sale that her grandma has held since the store opened, “Obviously, very popular and better than ever…much better sales, it’s fun because we’re starting the Christmas/holiday season. It’s an exciting time when the store starts to transform into the Christmas season…always exciting for everybody to get into the Christmas spirit.” Chloe mentioned the best thing about the holiday sale, “The color sale is a very popular sale of ours, there is one day that weekend that pretty much everything will be on sale if you try hard enough to find that color.”

Chloe Severson

When asked who she recommended attend the relax, sip, and shop event, Chloe replied, “Anybody who likes to shop; really all kinds of things here. People who like wine, that’s always a plus. Even if not for the wine, come support Maci and get your holiday shopping done early.” She recommends the following people come to the holiday sale, “Anybody who loves baskets and things…everybody.” (Chloe laughs).

For more information about the event, please call: 253 841-7981.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff