Robert Carrier: A Local Resident

Robert Carrier, a telecommunications specialist in the Naval Computer Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific Detachment Washington at Bangor Base, described himself as: “Simple, comfortable, and laidback.” In February 2013, he will have worked as a telecommunications specialist for 11 years. Robert commented about his career, “In December 2002, I successfully completed a 22-year career with the U.S. Navy in communications. Now, as a Government employee in communications, I have the opportunity to see how business works on this side of the fence. I enjoy my job as a telecommunications specialist; which is basically telephone coordination and billing. Two of the main highlights to my job are working with the Navy League and city officials in Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington to arrange telephone support for the U.S Navy ships that come here each year for the Portland Rose Festival and Seattle SeaFair celebrations. It’s a lot of fun for everyone.”

Robert discussed the best thing about his career, “Surprisingly, it’s not Telecommunications. As a desk jockey doing my job, I’ll get an email or a phone call expressing a “thank you” for a successful job. But, let’s face it; there is nothing really exciting about that. I also have a collateral duty as the facilities manager. I manage a two-story 96,000 square foot building. At first, I thought, “Man, this is easy!” [Robert laughed] but not as easy as people would think. I’m always interacting with contractors, fire department, security, high level leaders, and other workers. Everyone is unique. People will approach me daily with routine issues. Mostly, it’s something that needs to be fixed. However, at times I’ll get something unique. That’s where it gets interesting: watching people’s reactions to the different issues and how they handle life’s little stressors and irritations. I’m also an observer of human nature, so when a problem has been fixed then you’ll see their expressions change to total amazement when I explain to them how simple a job was. But it’s the actual interaction with people that I look forward to. So, I would have to say seeing people’s satisfaction on a job well done.”

Originally born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Robert joined the U.S. Navy after high school. Robert commented: “When I was in high school I really didn’t give my career much thought because I’ve always known I’d join the Navy. I loved the call of the sea. When I was younger, I’d watch the war movies on TV so when I joined I wanted to be the guy that says, “General Quarters All Hands Man Your Battle Stations.” But, when I finally did get in the Navy and tested for careers, I became a radio operator, for example, telecommunications specialist. In radio school I was told I needed to learn how to type. I was blowing them away with my incredibly fast two finger 11 words a minute speed. I’ve enjoyed it though. However, currently I’ve been considering going back to school and learning astronomy. Now that would be interesting. Don’t you think?”

Robert is motivated by the pride in his country. He enjoys doing something unique for our nation. He considers his 16-year old son to be his biggest accomplishment and having his name out there and being recognized for who he is and the work he’s done. Robert commented: “Recognition counts a lot in this day and age. My biggest accomplishment? I was once considered for White House staff duty. But my ship was underway in the Persian Gulf and I could not attend the interview. But, it was still an honor to be considered by my peers.”

When asked what Robert’s hobbies and interests were, Robert replied, “Oh I like history. I enjoy; visiting living history events such as Civil War reenactments, renaissance fairs, and lately I’ve been visiting many of the events listed on I also enjoy shopping with my friend.” Robert discussed his movie, television, and music interests, “I like Sci-fi [Robert laughed], Dramas, and Comedies. I like Robin Williams, John Wayne and too many others to name. As for music, I’m actually pretty open-minded: Country, Pop, Easy Listening, Opera, movie show themes, Big Band, and Mozart. As for TV, I enjoy the following shows: Warehouse 13, DWTS, Pawn Stars, 30 Rock, and some of the old TV shows from the 1960’s and 1970’s. It’s interesting to see the special effects from back then.”

Robert concluded: “Carly, I think you’re doing a phenomenal job here listing all the local events. It’s certainly been helping me keep busy this summer. I think both you and are an asset to the community and I’m looking forward to future events. Thank you.”


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  1. This Robert fella sounds like pretty good guy. (Smile) Thanks Carly it was fun being interviewed by you. I wish you great success in the future.

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