Samoa Cultural Day

Samoa Cultural Day is Saturday, June 30, 2012 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at the Harry Lang Stadium located at 6015 111th Street SW Lakewood, Washington 98499. Admission is free and the purpose of Samoa Cultural Day is to showcase Samoa and its heritage. The event will begin with a parade, in Samoa the word “parade” is “savaliga”. According to Lua Pritchard, executive director for the Asia Pacific Cultural Center, “When we do big events such as this, we always start off with a parade.”

There will be traditional village dances and songs, over 15 churches and groups are already registered for the event. Native oratory speeches will also take place at the event as well as Samoan traditional games, such as: “Laga Ato” which means basket weaving, “Sioga Afi” which means creating fire, “Fofo’e Fa’I” which means banana peeling, and “Valu/Tatau Popo” which means squeezing coconuts.

Samoan food and Polynesian arts and crafts will also be available for purchase. Educational resource booths will be there to educate the public about the Samoan culture. Lua shared what she most looks forward to with this event, “Many people coming to learn about Samoa and its people. I like that Samoans will be coming to meet with other Samoans. Young Samoans will learn about the Samoan culture, customs, language, and its people.” She feels the best thing about Samoa Cultural Day, “It brings the Samoan community together and others to learn about Samoa.”

When asked what many people may not know about the event, Lua replied, “Many people still don’t know about Samoa and its people. Many have stereotypes rather than the truth.”

Lua recommends everyone to attend the event, as it is a family affair. People that are interested in attending do not need to reserve in advance.

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It’ll be a wonderful family event to attend and enjoy. It is the weekend of July 4th,” Lua concluded.


By: Carly Calabrese, staff for