Shake Your Shape a Walk/Run for Everyone

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The Shake your Shape walk/run will take place on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 9 am at the west side of the park near J Street at Wright Park in Tacoma. 8 am registration will open and take place at the same location that the walk/run begins. Registration is $20 and includes a t-shirt and race bid number. The walk/run is two miles on a relatively flat surface in Wright Park.

A pre-event will take place Friday, September 21, 2012 at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center in Tacoma. The pre-event will be free and include: a health fair, hot hula demonstrations, cooking demonstrations, and Ben Davis will be speaking about his past as a couch potato and now an ultra marathoner. He will be speaking from 6 pm to 7 pm. No pre-reservation is required for this event and attendees can also register for the Shake your Shape Walk/Run event as well.

Dr. Monica Dixon commented: “We’re really targeting folks that haven’t participated in organized charity walks. This is our first annual event and this is a fundraiser. Proceeds go to Healthy Communities of Pierce County.”

Dr. Monica Dixon explained a little bit about Healthy Communities of Pierce County: “It’s a non-profit organization founded in 2008 to help move prevention efforts in Pierce County. We work to increase access to healthy foods and physical activity options.”

She explained how the event came about, “We were approached by a morbidly obese woman who was just beginning to get involved in physical activity. She had told us that it wasn’t fair that there was no place that had an event where a person that wore a 4 XL t-shirt to actually be able to take part in an event like this. You guys should make one. We started thinking about it and we’re calling it the non-spandex crowd. Registration is free for children under age 12 (although they do not receive a t-shirt). We also wanna encourage children to do physical activity; we work in child obesity prevention.

We’re hoping to differentiate ourselves, so it’s a safe, fun, family, and all fitness level event. The walk/run is two miles around; a very flat course with lots of fun things happening. There will be a mini Farmer’s Market onsite, Ben Davis will be speaking, awards, a cheering section for people that haven’t done an organized charity walk/run before, blood pressure and glucose checks, and the following businesses are partners on our walk and will have a booth: the YMCA, Metro Parks, the Asia Pacific Cultural Center, Multi-Care, and Healthy Communities of Pierce County.”

Dr. Monica Dixon commented: “I am very excited to be able to put together something like this after working in the field of health prevention for 25 years. There aren’t enough safe, great, fun activities for people who may not feel they fit in with the athletic crowd. We are excited to offer them a really positive experience for their first physical activity event.”

When asked what the best thing about the event was, Dr. Monica Dixon replied, “The family, open nature, and the celebration of community coming together.”

Dr. Monica Dixon discussed how this event was unique compared to others, “We stand out because we are targeting people who have never done anything like this before. The environment welcomes those starting a physical activity plan but, aren’t sure where to start. Ben Davis will be a very motivating place to start.”

She also detailed what many people may not know about Healthy Communities of Pierce County: “It’s a really cool group of people that come together. They’re so excited about helping the public eat well and exercise. And a healthier community is happier, more productive, and more economically strong; that’s what drives our work. When you have too much chronic disease, it detracts from it being a good place to live. People have access to healthy food, and safe places to walk for example, sidewalks to walk on, community gardens, school gardens, and healthy school menus, etc.”

Dr. Monica Dixon recommends the following people to the event, “People who have never done this kind of event can join us for a great time. And we have planned the event with them in mind so everyone is welcome to come and work out at their own pace.”

For more information, please visit: or call Tanya Mcclain at: 253 572-3666.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for

7 thoughts on “Shake Your Shape a Walk/Run for Everyone”

  1. Now that you’ve gotten the word out. I believe people are going to like this. Not only do they offer a relaxing walk. But a health check as well. With Ben Davis helping to lead this charge maybe a few more people will be encourage to get up and take control of their lives. Shows like the Biggest Loser are making people take notice that they to have the ability to make change. Thanks Carly.

  2. WOW…another amazing event. I love that people are creating events that are really being inclusive, supportive and encouraging especially in the health and fitness arena. The health checks they are offering could be life changing for people who attend. I’m starting to see some real changes…a healthy vending machine with only healthy snacks, seaweed, only Hansens soft drinks, coconut water, fruit leathers, protein bars…I think we need them everywhere! When things are available, people will take advantage just like this amazing event. Thanks for sharing, Carly!!

  3. I cannot wait for this great event. I am so glad this wonderful idea is coming into its own: a walk for those who have never participated in this type of event before. It takes all of the stigma out of it! Hooray!

  4. Did this walk today with my very lovely and great friend. We had a great time. Looking forward to next year. Thanks again Carly for keeping my summer from being fun and interesting. : )

    1. You’re thanking me for keeping your summer “from” being fun and interesting? I’m keeping you healthy by informing you about the walks. 🙂

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