South Sound Vegans Book Club and Meet-up Group

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According to John P. Saunders, organizer of the South Sound Vegans Meet-up group. The offshoot of the Vegan Book Club exists to provide an opportunity for anyone interested in vegan issues to meet with others who have similar interests, and to propose, read and discuss relevant books.  The book club tries to cover a broad spectrum of interests relating to vegans, vegan-curious and the vegan lifestyle. “The last year has included novels about animals, books about Monsanto and genetically modified food, and a book about the similarity of animal and human behavior and emotions.  Our current book is “Extra Virginity,” a revealing look at corruption in the olive oil industry, this book is of keen interest to vegans and others who routinely cook with and consume olive oil.”

Membership in the book club is open to anyone.  One does not need to be a member of the Meet-up group to attend book club meetings, but the Meet-up site is where the meetings and current books and information is posted.  The book club typically meets on the fourth Tuesday, of every other month, at King’s Bookstore in Tacoma at 7 pm. Any that are interested in participating in the book club are encouraged to join the online site for the South Sound Vegans Meet-up group. Rumor has it that they have wonderful, wine-suffused potluck dinners.

The South Sound Vegans Meet-up group members are a diverse group of young professionals, aging professionals, nomads, crafts people, and artists.  John commented: “It’s a splendid mix.  There is no minimum age and no cut off. We have members in their 20s and many members “of a certain age.”

Photo by Ana Maria Sierra

John commented about the club, “I think the Vegan Book Club is a marvelous forum in which to exchange ideas and insights about veganism and other, related aspects of life in modern society, from diet and human health to clothing choices, from animal rights to genetically modified food.  The discussions are always wide-ranging and full of individual insights and perspectives.  We often concur on certain viewpoints, but we certainly aren’t in lockstep on every issue, nodding our heads in mute agreement. Opinions often differ on the range of topical issues.”

Vegan Book Club is recommended to anyone interested in humanity and modern society. “Our focus is not simply on animals and being vegan but really embraces the issues that matter to society as a whole:  Does one’s moral vision take into account how humanity treats the Earth?  Can the modern, industrialized world sustain itself and the planet if it stays on its current course?  How should people pursue a healthy lifestyle in the midst of our modern food delivery system?  How do our consumer choices affect those who wield the power in a modern democracy?  To what extent are our “choices” dictated by those elements?

John concluded, “We are grateful to have the superb support of King’s Books, in Tacoma.  King’s helps us obtain our books and provides a warm, hospitable meeting place. I also encourage one and all to patronize King’s Books, a wonderful local business, a beacon of literary freedom in Tacoma.”

To join the South Sound Vegans Meet-up Group, and find more information about the Book Club, please go to the Meet-up Group page.

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  1. It’s so wonderful that they have groups like this where like-minded individuals can be stimulated, educated and supported in a community of all ages!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. John P Saunders

    South Sound Vegans is very grateful to Ms Calabrese and for the sensitive portrayal of our group, the opportunity to get a bit of publicity, and the chance to celebrate King’s Books in Tacoma. Thank you, and salut!

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