Spaceworks Tacoma Cake Walk

Cake Print by Brian Hutcheson

Saturday, September 15, from 6 pm to 9 pm Spaceworks will host its cake walk at 311 S. 7th Street Tacoma, WA 98402. Admission to the event is free. Attendees can purchase $5 tickets to walk in the cake walk and $20 to walk in the art walk. Each round has a limited number of walkers, so there are as many rounds as there are prizes. Music is played, attendees walk, music stops, and a number is called. The person standing on the lucky number gets to pick the cake or artwork he or she has won. The walk will continue until all the prizes are won. Tickets will be for sale at the event starting at 6 pm and the walk begins at 6:30 pm.

The cake walk is happening because of donations from the following businesses: Angel Cakes, Corina Bakery, Celebrity Cake Studios, Dulce Cupcakes, Hello Cupcake, Jonz Catering, P.H.D’licious, Metropolitan Market, and Amocat Cafe. The cake walk is co-hosted by ELECTRICBRANCH Creative, a Spaceworks project by JD Elquist and Travis Pranger.

Rebecca Solverson, Spaceworks Tacoma coordinator, explained what Spaceworks is, “We get donated vacant retail space from property owners and put those projects into spaces for 3 to 6 months. We are a partnership for the City of Tacoma, Chamber Commerce, and Shunpike. We are similar to programs in other cities, however, have more of an emphasis on small businesses and the creative enterprise side of it. Spaceworks has been around since July 2010, with planning that began in 2009.”

According to Rebecca, some of the art work at the event will include: paintings, drawings, clay sculptures, vouchers to attend the Broadway Performing Arts Center, glass art, mostly visual art prints, and photographs.

‘Eagle Chief and Sun Box’ by Shaun Peterson

Rebecca commented on the Cake Walk: “I think it’s going to be really fun. I’m most excited about seeing the artists in one space. This is an art show to really celebrate the projects that we worked with. The donations and support from local artists and businesses have been amazing and we’re really excited to celebrate that community support as well.” She discussed what many may not know about the Cake Walk, “We’re not just supporting local artists, but supporting local entrepreneurs and emerging businesses through providing space and support to stabilize.”

Rebecca mentioned how the event was unique compared to others, “I haven’t heard of a cake walk since elementary school. The event is also a little different than an auction, as there’s more of a chance element in winning as there is not a bidder, but more on luck. That makes it a little more fun; I think. It is a laidback event with a cash bar and DJs from other projects that we’ve supported are coming as well. It’s going to be a really fun event.”

When asked who she recommended attend the event, Rebecca replied, “We work with a really diverse range of projects and people…from young people to older people, or people with kids. Basically, I recommend anybody that’s interested in the arts community in Tacoma.”

For more information about the Cake Walk event, please visit:

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  1. FREE admission !! Now that’s a ‘cake walk’. I am glad to see articles about these
    out of the way projects that are very important to the Tacoma commuity. Keep up the great work Carly,and Pierce County should be happy to have a wbsite like this.

  2. FREE admission, now that’s a piece of cake !!!! Cake walks hve been around for
    ages as fundraisers. It’s another great way to introduce the arts to Tacoma area
    residents.Who knows? Maybe the next ‘Warhol’ or ‘Picasso’ may be in our midsts!
    Thank You Carly and for bringing these events to us.

    1. Yes, I couldn’t go to this event (I had a very busy weekend). I attended a conference all weekend (long hours) and then went to a concert at the Puyallup Fair Sunday night.

    1. Yes Carly if I had been free that day then I would have attended this event. The game sounds like alot of fun. And the money goes for a good cause. Plus I am an art enthusiast. I’m no professional by far. But I enjoy good art what ever it may be. Plus the cake if I had won or not would be a great prize to bring home or give as a gift to someone you care about.

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