Strawberries and More: Ladies Night Out, Holiday Guild’s fundraiser for Mary Bridge Hospital

The Holiday Guild is hosting our annual Ladies Night Out Spring Fundraiser & shopping event, complete with all of the indulgences; purses, jewelry, chocolate, self-care and home care items, decor, handcrafted products, and more. Among the vendors attending will be: Emily’s Chocolates, Rodan & Fields, Aquarium Wall, Herbal Life, Mary Kay, Premier Design Jewelry, Maddie’s House, Sugar, Nerium, H20 Home, Wee Whimsy, Glitterbug, Thirty One Gifts, What Knots, Aloette, Baby Mine Antiques, Nature’s Lover Clayworks, Dove Chocolate, Connie Rose, Pampered Chef, Silpada, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, Miche Bags, Party Lite, and Pashmina Palace.

The event will take place this Thursday, May 2, from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Mary Bridge Health Center lobby located at 311 South “L” Street Tacoma, WA 98405. Complimentary refreshments and appetizers will be served. Tickets are $10 and available at the door. Attendees must be age 21 and older.

According to Nancy Hinschberger, a local supporter and independent consultant with Tastefully Simple, the Holiday Guild is actually part of the Tacoma Orthopedic Guild and they raise money for special shoes for children. Nancy attended the event last year and plans on attending this year.  “This is a worthy cause, with really nice women and a nearly elegant event.  They really do a great job.  Everyone feels welcome and the atmosphere is one of laughter and positivity.  Yet, these women work their tails off to pull events like this together and do a phenomenal job raising funds for these shoes.  It is also a great opportunity to showcase my business and see the other booths.  Last year, I wish I would have gotten away from my booth earlier to visit the plant lady.  She is very creative with her terrariums, planters, etc.  Her booth was nearly sold out when I visited it.  There is a waiting list to get a table at the event, for good reason and the shoppers are very generous with their purchases.”

“What the ladies do with Tacoma Orthopedic Guild is good news in a bad news world.  Especially with so many sad things happening to children in the world; we see it on the news.  Then, imagine being told that your own child has to have an expensive surgery, and  on top of that, will need very costly shoes to continue their therapy.  They also may need more than one pair as they grow.  What good news it would be to hear that there is financial help in paying for these shoes.”  Nancy feels the best thing about the event is the exchange of positive energy.  Everyone who works with the Guild is friendly, helpful and on a mission. It is nice to do an event that is great for your business but also benefits a worthy cause.

Regarding the work of the Tacoma Orthopedic Guild, this is one of many fundraisers the guild holds. “They do a great [Christmas] tree at the Festival of Trees, and they hold a garage sale to raise money.  I am not an actual member of the Tacoma Orthopedic Guild. My initial preconceived idea of anything that was “a guild” was that of lots of well-heeled women with nothing better to do with their time than forming a committee to help those in need.  Well, who cares from what financial means anyone is coming from?  These women get a lot done and bless many families with the money raised from these events. They have taken it upon themselves and persuade many others to “pay it forward.”  God bless them for that! You will be inspired if you come to this event.  It is about way more than shopping and good food.  You will leave feeling good and having met some really great people,” Nancy concluded.


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  1. Guilds get things done! Many hands, much work.

    Remember, Mother’s Day is coming up! Nurses appreciation week, and if you missed Admin Assistant’s week last week, get a gift here – worthy cause and I am sure your admin personnel will be appreciative.

  2. What a great article! In addition to raising money for orthopedic shoes, the funds we raise for Mary Bridge provide support for major medical equipment, uncompensated care, specialty pediatric programs and construction of new clinical facilities. Over the years our collective efforts have raised over $30 Million dollars! All of which went directly to Mary Bridge. Strawberries & More is just one of the fundraisers that Holiday Guild does during the year, and we hope to see lots of old friends and new faces at our event Thursday night. Thanks for getting the word out. (PS: The Tacoma Orthopedic Association recently changed their name, and is now Mary Bridge Brigade, Champions For Children’s Health.)

  3. What a fantastic article! This is a great event that I have participated in for the third year in a row. I’m very proud to be a part of it all! It’s a great event for a wonderful cause.

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