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According to Emily Alm, director of the Tacoma Film Festival, the Tacoma Film Festival was chosen by Movie Maker Magazine as one of the “25 Film Festivals worth the Entry Fee”. The Tacoma Film Festival serves to celebrate current independent film from around the globe. It shares films with audiences that won’t likely have the opportunity to see again. The Tacoma Film Festival’s mission is to connect their community to new film. The festival runs for 8 days each year in October.

Emily explained what many people may not know about the Tacoma Film Festival, “The Tacoma Film Festival is run by the non-profit Grand Cinema with a staff of only 10 people. We rely on the help of volunteers to help the festival run smoothly. Also, many people don’t realize that many Tacoma Film Festival films are often distributed nation-wide, or go on to win prestigious awards (including the Academy Awards!). See more info. on success stories here: http://www.grandcinema.com/page.php.” She discussed the Tacoma Film Festival’s uniqueness compared to other festivals, “During the eight day festival, we dedicate two whole days to showcasing Tacoma and Pacific Northwest filmmakers’ works. While the festival celebrates current independent film from around the globe, we are equally dedicated to supporting local filmmakers by providing a venue for them to show their film, and also connect and network with other filmmakers.”

Emily stated: “Film festivals are vital to the health of film-making and arts community around the world. Here in Tacoma, the festival acts as a keystone for our local artists, as it provides a venue for them to share their work with the public. I believe that without film festivals, the art of film-making would suffer. The Tacoma Film Festival is a week-long celebration of quality films, and an opportunity to engage our community with thoughtful conversation and thought-provoking film. It’s a lot of fun to put on every year, and I love knowing that our audiences will have such a unique opportunity to experience the celebration and films in the Tacoma Film Festival.” She revealed the best thing about the festival, “The best thing about the Tacoma Film Festival is selecting quality films to share with our audiences, and then seeing their reactions to them. Our patrons appreciate and enjoy independent film, and I love having the opportunity to bring new films to Tacoma for them to see.”

Emily commented: “Right now we are doing our annual Tacoma Film Festival Poster Design Contest. We are accepting entries until July 6, 2012. More info. here: http://www.grandcinema.com/events.php.”

For more information about the Tacoma Film Festival, please visit: www.TacomaFilmFestival.com. “The 2012 Tacoma Film Festival official line-up will be announced around Labor Day! Stay tuned for more information on the films and events – including the Opening Night Gala,” Emily concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com

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  1. Great article. And like Emily pointed out I never knew this place existed. It sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder what films will be show cased when it opens. I’m looking forward to learning and seeing more.

  2. A film festival for the Pacific Northwest only in Tacoma. I didn’t know,either that it
    existed in Tacoma.I would love to go to see it if I’m in the area.This is another great article that brings out the Tacoma area….

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