Tender barbecue at Mesquite-BBQ restaurant

Mesquite-BBQ, a new barbecue restaurant in Tacoma also serves Japanese and Korean dishes. Located on 5415 South Tacoma Way in Tacoma, a family friendly restaurant with basketball, video game machines, darts, pool, has four televisions, and a bar. Song Pak, owner, explained the history of the restaurant, “This area only has smoked barbecue and no other things and you don’t need a knife for cutting ribs because the meat is more tender [than other barbecue meat]. We want to bring a new type of barbecue to Tacoma. I know how to cook eight different types of countries food: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, and American just name it I can cook everything.” Although the restaurant has been open for seven months, Song has been in the business since 1982.

When asked what Song thought of his job, he replied, “I like the job here and I like the people I meet I think they’re friendly…eating…and having fun together.  Anybody can come here my house is open.” He explained the best thing about the restaurant, “Everything’s friendly; my wife, Sean [Song’s son and manager], and myself. Our customers love the family environment. We want friends instead of customers.” Song recommends the following menu items, “The barbecue; most of the customers try everything…we still have Japanese and Korean food. Baby back ribs and beef ribs, Japanese food: yakisoba, stir fry, and fried rice. Korean food: bulgogi that’s the best thing and kimchi. Drinks: soju bomb (Korean vodka with beer) and fire bombs (fireball with firestone beer).”

Song explained how his restaurant was unique compared to other restaurants, “Professional barbecue cooking; just try it and let me know. Every time; I say try it first.”

Sean Firth, manager at Mesquite-BBQ, shared what he thought of their restaurant, “Good family environment working with mom and dad is working with the family helping build the barbecue restaurant up.” He discussed the best thing about the restaurant, “The food and our service. The food is delicious and our service is really good. We try to make everyone feel at home when they’re here, a good kid environment to bring the whole family.”

Sean recommends the following menu items, “A lot of people like our pulled pork sandwiches, our yakisoba, and our fried rice is good, and we try to have people try the rib combo. It’s enough to feed two people. Drinks: We serve soju bombs (Korean Vodka and beer) and fire bombs (fireball whiskey) and a firestone IPA (beer).” Sean shared what many people may not know about the restaurant, “We just started putting live music in about three weeks ago and a lot of people don’t understand that it’s a family restaurant and bar; not just a bar.”

Sean discussed how Mesquite-BBQ restaurant was unique compared to other restaurants, “We’ve been told our pulled pork is better than most barbecue restaurants and that our ribs are a lot more tender. And for barbecue restaurants we offer some Asian food so that’s aside from all the other restaurants.” When asked who he recommended visit the restaurant, he replied, “A middle age crowd (age 25 on up) cause it’s a nice and relaxed environment, friendly service, and good live music.” Sean recommends his family and friends to the restaurant as well, “Yes, because to try our food we do private parties here and catering.”

Song Pak recommends, “Welcome to everybody, family this area doesn’t have a family and kids restaurant here so we put one here. Welcome to the whole family.” He recommends his family and friends as well, “Yeah, because it’s a very quiet and kids can play basketball, video games, shooting darts, whole family here together. Usually it’s normally just darts and pool; only adults. Our restaurant is everything; family together, darts, basketball, and games. People just wanna have a drink and it’s pretty hard to find that.”

Mesquite-BBQ restaurant is open seven days a week; Monday through Saturday from 1 pm to 2 am and Sunday from 1 pm to 1 am. “Come try the best barbecue in town,” Sean commented. “We have a big screen TV for football and sports games and we have a TV in every corner of the room. We also hold special events,” Song added.

Carly Calabrese, Tacoma.com staff