The 54th annual South Prairie Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 7, 2012 the East Pierce Volunteer Firefighter’s Association will have their 54thannual Easter Egg Hunt at Third Street Park located at 206 3rd St SW  South Prairie, WA 98321. The Easter egg hunt will begin at 10:00 am and will be for children age 0 to 12. Children will receive a nickel per egg that they find. The event is free and open to the public. Fire engines from the local fire department will be open for children to explore and get their picture taken in. Chief Officers and Fire Fighters will also be available for any questions.

Bill Dedge, President of the East Pierce Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, explained the event in more detail: “We hide over 114 dozen eggs. All the eggs are solid colors, except 12 dozen eggs which we received from a class of students at Sumner high school. Their teacher, Janine Sather had her students color 12 dozen eggs in hopes to get them to be more civically minded and do community service. The eggs are pretty cool…they have stickers and they look really cool. The second day after boiling the eggs, we color them with the career and volunteer families and their kids. Luzia Ballew, board member of the East Pierce Volunteer Firefighter’s Association will be heading the Easter Egg Hunt. We spent 3 hours boiling 114 dozen eggs.”

Bill shared what he thought of the event, “I think it’s a fun, family event. It’s a chance for the younger kids to come out and hunt for eggs. It’s the excitement of looking for eggs.” He believes the best thing about the event, “Watching the joy on their face when they find an Easter egg and watching the parents as they enjoy the kids.”

Bill commented on how the hunt was unique compared to others, “It’s a long standing tradition of third generation families attending it.” Bill recommends his family and friends to attend the event, “Yes, because they would enjoy themselves, hunting for eggs. It’d bring back their youthful days.”

For more information, please email: “Make sure you’re there early and not late because 5 minutes after it starts, it’s over,” Bill concluded.


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  1. From the Heart

    Carley, a very well written article. I just want to thank you for taking your time to help our organization inform our community about this popular and long standing event.

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