The Art of Meditation at the Tacoma Art Museum


The Tacoma Art Museum will have a meditation workshop lead by Kelsang Tsoglam, a Resident Teacher of Olympia Mahayana Buddhist Center. This workshop is in honor of Memories and Meditations: A Retrospective of Michael Kenna’s Photography. The workshop takes place in the Murray Family Event space of the museum, the first floor. Although the workshop begins at 6 pm, the museum has free admission at 5 pm for Third Thursday of the month, which is free admission to the museum, and attendees can see Michael Kenna’s photography.

Josh Proehl, interim director of Education at the Tacoma Art Museum, explained what would happen during the workshop, “Based off of when we did this before… Kelsang Tsoglam will talk about the role meditation plays in people’s lives and the various ways it can be used. Then typically there are some breathing exercises.”

Josh commented on the workshop: “I think this event can also teach us to slow down in life but also slow down as we view the artwork and exhibitions at the museum. Sometimes people treat the museum like it’s a race to go through it. We want our visitors to slow down and enjoy the experience. What better way to slow down than to come to a meditation workshop.”

Josh discussed the best thing about the workshop, “This is a chance to see our exhibitions for free and a chance to learn a new skill. Hopefully after trying two new things maybe you will decide to become a member at the museum and come again, or join a meditation group, or both. This is a chance to try an experience where you are investing in yourself.”

Josh also mentioned about the museum in general, “Third Thursday always has something fun and people should come every month. We also do free family activities in our M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Open Art Studio.”

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“Hope to see you at the museum,” Josh concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for

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  1. This is certainly a worthwhile opportunity and one I highly recommend! I have taken classes from Kelsang Tsoglam, and learned a great deal from her. Combined with my love of art and photography, this is a wonderfully creative way to spend some time!

  2. How wonderful to bring these two Tacoma gems together! Art and meditation both use contemplation and mindfulness to create joy in our lives! I have found meditating at the Tacoma site with Kelsang Tsoglam and others to bring so much lasting peace and happiness in my life. Thank you!

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