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The Millwork Cabinet and Company located at 107 5th Street NE in Puyallup, Washington, has been in existence for a year and a half. Andy Spellmeyer, owner, shared the background of how his business started, “I’ve been a carpenter for 10 years and I wanted to have the opportunity to help people on the front lines. I’ve always liked to help customers and I foresaw an opportunity. Last fall, I was laid off and I started to think what it would be like to have a small business.  I started to talk to my partner who just started a business and thought we could join our ventures together to be a one stop shop for our customers.” Andy discussed what he thought of his business, “I love being a business owner, I like working with customers. I like doing this because I get to use my imagination and get to create something. I love to see the smile on customer’s faces when I’m done with their projects. It’s about making dreams come true. We like to put design back into budget to make it affordable to everyone. Doing it right the first time is why we have a lot of repeat customers.”

Andy mentioned the best thing about his business, “We cater to mostly home owners from big projects to small projects.” Andy who is originally from Tacoma, has been a trim carpenter for 10 years and went to school for the apprenticeship program for the Carpenters Union. He graduated from the apprenticeship program in 2011 as a licensed certified journeyman carpenter in the state of Washington. Andy considers graduating from the Carpenters Union as his biggest accomplishment, “I was excited and worked really hard to get through this program. It was a lot of work, 1,000 students started in the program and only 10% graduated at the end of the year.”

When asked his short term and long term goals for his business, Andy replied, “Short term: to build partnerships with other local businesses in our area and to continue to grow and build our brand. Long term: to build a successful self-operating business that allows to give back to the community and have the opportunity to open another show room in the south Puget Sound area.”

Proving that he is a regular guy, he enjoys shooting pool. Andy stated, “I’m on a pool team. I shoot every Wednesday night. I shoot in pool tournaments. I like to hang out with my family. I love going camping, I love the outdoors. I love to go crabbing and fishing. I love the water and walking with my dog and just enjoy the outdoors.” Andy shared his movie, music, and television interests, “I like movies based on true story. I’m open to music; I like rock n roll and oldies. My favorite show is Sons of Anarchy. I like sports; I support all local teams around here.”

For upcoming events and sales, please visit: at A quote by Michael Jordan that Andy shared with us, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up, figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” Andy concluded, “We are good at what we do and we do this because we love too.”

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for

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  1. I am all for the small business…that hopefully becomes the big business. Good luck MCC! Good job, Carly!

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