The Premier Movie Club at the Kitsap Regional Library

The Premier Movie Club at the Kitsap Regional Library allows members of the club to see big Blockbuster films the evening before the day they are released for the public in movie theaters. Members can see the movie at 7 pm, versus midnight the night before the release date. Jaime Forsyth, executive director for the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation, stated: “We on a regular basis are showing Blockbuster movies day the day before the public releases them as a private foundation fundraiser.

It’s a wonderful thing, the Bremerton SEEfilm movie theater wanted to reach out to the downtown Bremerton community for anybody that eats at a downtown Bremerton restaurant to bring in their receipt from that restaurant to receive free popcorn and a drink at the movie. It’s encouraging people to eat at local restaurants…which is a really cool thing.

After the movie, the Bremerton Bar and Grill was offering free a free appetizer and dessert for anybody with a movie ticket. It’s really a fun community event.”

Jaime explained her current plans, “We will be working with the Youth Services Librarian to see what movies our teen groups would want to participate in, and maybe some costume contests or other fun things and have them see the movie before all their friends. We want to make this really inclusive and work with various communities; not just Bremerton SEEfilm. If there are other theaters or teen groups at other library branches, we think it’s a really fun thing to work with and raise awareness with the library and foundation.

From any Smart Phone, people that are interested in joining the Premier Movie Club can text “KRL 22828” and a pop up asking your email will appear. You can then get signed up and have invitations to future premier movie events.

People can also visit: to also join our newsletter and select movie invitation through email notifications.”

When asked how often big Blockbuster movies would be showing, Jaime replied, “Maybe once a quarter, it really depends when the big Blockbusters come out and there is something that people are excited about. When it ties to a book, for example, “The Hobbit” it clearly that drew from all ages.”

Since the Premier Movie Club is a fundraiser for the Kitsap Regional Library, Jaime commented: “It’s a really fun way to encourage with a wider audience throughout Kitsap County and let people be more aware of the library and all of its resources, while making some money for the foundation activities.”

Jaime discussed the first and most recent Blockbuster showing, “Tickets were $15 for general admission. On December 13, 2012, we had the “Hobbit” showing. It was $20 for the VIP lounge, for individuals that are 21 and older. This was a bar that served better alcohol and had better seats and a fancier theater. The VIP lounge is pretty sweet…bigger chairs, wider aisles, and the bar is nice.

Again, this was just a pilot launch and we are more than happy to do it at other theaters throughout Kitsap County. Everything over and above that we received financially, after reserving the theater, went to the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation.

The Bremerton SEEfilm is great to work with and they’re new and we really want to support the Bremerton downtown community, it’s a great partnership.”

When asked who she recommended join the Premier Movie Club at the Kitsap Regional Library, Jaime replied, “Anyone who is interested in what we’re doing, a library supporter or someone wanting to see Blockbuster movie early. We welcome everybody and support the expanding number of people; it’s a fun opportunity.”

For more information, please contact the Foundation at:

Jaime concluded: “I think we had no idea ahead of time of how overwhelmingly popular this would be. The fact we sold out in 24 hours is an indication for a need we’re filling and we’re looking forward to the next event. Stay tuned.”

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for

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