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Adam Norwest

Want a good laugh, food, and a nice environment? The Tacoma Comedy Club opened at the 933 Market Street location in Tacoma in March 2011. Adam Norwest, president of the Tacoma Comedy Club, explained the history, “I’m a stand-up comedian…been doing it since 2004 and I perform all over the country. We found Seattle has a lot of strong comedy that Tacoma was lacking. We [Adam and his family] wanted to open a top notch comedy club and bring in great talent from all over the country. We pride ourselves in being a nice club in Tacoma. Tacoma’s growing and improving… we’re proud to be a part of that growth.”

Adam expressed what he thought of the club, “I love this place…I would really enjoy this place even if I wasn’t a part of it; it makes me proud to say that this is my business. We bring quality comedy shows to our customers who leave happy. The inside of the club is beautiful… it’s comfortable, unique, the food is good, and the people that work here are personable. I don’t think there’s any weak links in the Tacoma Comedy Club.” He explained the best thing, “The best thing about this place is the quality of comedy that we bring in. Also starting August 21st we’re going to have “grown folks” music with a well know 6 piece jazz and blues ensemble called “In the Pocket”; shows will be 8 pm to midnight every Sunday, $10 for VIP tickets; $7 for regular tickets.”

Jonas Barnes

When asked what many people may not know about the club, Adam responded, “A couple things… it’s a family run business, and our game plan in the future is that the Tacoma Comedy Club will eventually be open 7 days a week. We’ll offer more entertainment options. We’re also mostly really good looking,” (he adds with a laugh).

When asked how the Tacoma Comedy Club is different from than other clubs, Adam (keeping the joking going) replied, “Because I’m here. In all seriousness, this place is better because we care about the audience, comedians, and our employees. We believe that everyone should be happy and treated with respect. And I think that what makes us stand apart is the quality of comedy that we bring in… amazing well-known, national comedians that are original and not over exposed in Tacoma.”

Adam recommends the following menu items, “We have great food and full bar… the nachos and cheese fries are my favorites.”

Jonas Barnes, a comedian who has performed regularly at the Tacoma Comedy Club, expressed what he thought of the comedy, “I love doing comedy, and it’s been something that I’ve wanted to do since I was about 13 years old. I love being able to say things on stage I normally wouldn’t be able to say in everyday life… Make people laugh about things they normally wouldn’t laugh at… Especially with all the crappy stuff going on in the world, it’s a good outlet.” When asked what “crappy stuff” Jonas replied, “The economy…everything. It’s a good distraction from everyday lives, jobs, the economy… just come and laugh for an hour and a half and go home happy.”

The Tacoma Comedy Club hosts a “Jubal Flagg presents” show on Thursday nights at 8:00 with a cover of $10, which showcases local talented comics and surprise guests. Many nights we have the national weekend headliners come in to do a “sneak preview” of what can be seen over the weekend.  Jonas explained what he was doing for his performance, “I’m hosting the show tonight means I will be doing a quick five minute set up front, and introduce each comic as he is coming to the stage. It’s a good opportunity to work with a lot of various comedic talents.”

Jonas described the best thing about the club, “The environment! Everything about the club is great, from the way they treat the patrons to the comics, and they’re very inviting to everybody. It’s not an uptight club, people can just be themselves.” Jonas revealed what many people may not know about the club, “They have the highest quality of comics around; the national comedians that come through are extremely talented people that are very well known… it really is top tier.”

Jonas explained how Tacoma Comedy Club is different than other clubs, “One thing that is different from most clubs is that they [owners of club] are 100% on comedy and making people happy… it’s not about money. It’s all about bringing a quality show to Tacoma and making sure people go home happy.”

Bridget Kitson

Bridget Kitson, a server at the Tacoma Comedy Club, expressed what she thought of the club, “I love it! It’s a great place to work… super fun, fast paced, and lots energy. You get to watch comics as you do your job, so it’s always fun. I’m really excited about the jazz music that will be on Sundays starting August 21st.  It’s going to be awesome; with the same great band every week… they have an amazing following!”

She explained the best thing about the club, “Probably the atmosphere… I love the room, it’s beautiful, the lighting it’s awesome. Did you see the bar? It’s a huge oak looks very antique and grandiose [Bridget laughs] it’s cool, though really, really cool. It’s a great place you just want to hang out at.” When asked what many people may not know about the club, Bridget replied, “I think there is a misconception about comedy clubs… most people think it’s a dark dank place that has bad food and no service. This club is beautiful and we have an amazing staff! The club wants to constantly improve, and the comment cards we receive consistently have top scores on everything (comedians, service, food, drinks). My customers always rant and rave about the club. It’s good to know that people like it. Another thing that’s not well known is that we allow people under age 21 until 11 pm, which is pretty cool there’s not a lot of clubs that do that.

The Tacoma Comedy Club is open Wednesday – Sunday 6:30 pm until close; with Wednesday’s Open Mic and Thursday’s “Jubal Flagg presents” starting at 8:00 pm; Friday and Saturday has two shows starting at 8:00 and 10:30 pm; and as mentioned, starting August 21st, grown folk’s music with “In the Pocket” starts at 8:00 pm.

“Come check us out, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a hoot!” Bridget commented. “We look forward to laughing with you soon,” Adam concluded.

By Carly Calabrese, staff

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  1. I had bought a groupon months back and took 4 friends tonight and was very impressed much nicer then Seattle’s Comedy Underground and I have been there 5-6 times and about 10 places on the east coast and this place is by far the nicest and funniest , best atmosphere I have ever been too.The service was totally awesome didn’t have to ask for a thing [and I was in the business years ago] .We had some chips and salsa just for something to munch on and I think the chips were even home made and really great salsa. The comedians were so funny and we were laughing so hard our sides hurt. A day without layghter is a waisted day.The comedian big act was ‘Tom Segura’ not to say the other 3 men weren’t funny cause they were but Tom was hysterical had us cracking up laughing I liked him so much I bought his cd afterward and he was kind enough to sign it and and take pictures with us and I got 2 more free tickets to boot.I can’t wait to go back and I would highly recommend this club to any and everyone so much that I thought I have to check out there website and see if I can leave a comment. You will be seeing alot of us in the future and I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful nite filled with laughter. Rebecca A King Federal Way Wa.
    p.s. I had to go to the restroom and didn’t want to miss a thing but just couldn’t wait anymore and was so happy they had speakers in there awesome!!!!

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