The Third Annual Pista Pilipino

Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 10 am to 8 pm the third annual Pista Pilipino event will take place at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center located at 4851 South Tacoma Way Tacoma, WA 98409. Admission to the event is free. The event will feature top local Filipino performers; Filipinized Zumba will take place by the P.A.Y.O. (Filipino American Youth Organization), a non-profit youth group. Vendors will be selling Filipino items, including: books, t-shirts, and crafts. Arcapelago is one of those vendors and their website is: Filipino food will also be available for purchase. Parol making will take place which is a Christmas Philippine tradition of making star lanterns. There will also be a fashion show displaying the regional costumes of the Philippines and a talent show vocal competition.

Zenaida Crisostomo-Slemp

Zenaida Crisostomo-Slemp, chapter president for the Philippine Scouts Historical Society and youth chair for the youth programs at the Filipino Community Alliance (F.C.A.), explained how the event came about, “Our vision is to lead, educate, and advocate the community. Our mission is to provide networking opportunities, cultural programs, and access to resources that benefit the community, so we knew that it would be important to have an event so that the community could understand the Filipino culture and provide resources to the community, vendors, etc. It’s also for younger folks to educate them on what our culture is all about.”

Zenaida discussed her roles in her positions, “As the F.C.A. youth program director I make it possible to have programs that will educate our students and make sure they are able to learn more about the Filipino heritage and provide resources they need in the community.

For the Filipino Scouts, my role is to keep the legacy of Philippine scouts alive, these men fought for the U.S. Army and those men are aged 80s and 90s; and my father was one. We’re just keeping the legacy and honoring these men and women in the war during the Battan death march.”

On Sunday, October 28, 2012 at noon, there will be the continuation of the Pista Pilipino event at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. Admission to the event is the admission price to the Museum of Glass. The theme is “Filipino Spirit Journey to America” and the award winning documentary film that will be presented “The Forgotten Soldiers” will also air on PBS. The documentary is about Philippine Scouts and the battles of Bataan and Corregidor. After the film, the celebration continues with an essay awards ceremony for high school students, cultural dance exhibitions, a fashion show, and exhibitions by the Philippine Scouts Living History Re-enactors, games and crafts for children, a glassblowing exhibition and exhibits of two master glass artists. The celebration is sponsored by the Filipino Community Alliance, wraps up national Filipino-American History Month.

Zenaida shared what she thought of the Pista Pilipino event, “I think it is an opportunity for our Filipino community to showcase what the Filipino community can offer the majority of our community. I think that it helps build relationships with our outside community; not just the Filipinos, it’s one way to network with other people.” “The commodore as we organize the event and the relationships that we build with each other and community,” is what Zenaida feels is the best thing about the event.

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Zenaida discussed what many people may not know about the F.C.A., “It’s in its infancy stage. The F.C.A. is fairly new, and we have done many things for the community. The day you called [Zenaida said to the staff writer for] we were helping the community with “consulate on wheels.” We serviced 350+ people in the community to help them with their documents that they needed for passports, visas, and any legal matters. It’s a service we’ve provided the community the last couple of years. We’ve done it twice a year and we’re hoping to do it three times a year. This is our third year and the F.C.A. has been in existence for four years.”

Zenaida discussed the uniqueness of the event, “We’re really striving to include all of the Filipino organizations in the Pista Pilipino event, not just F.C.A. We want to have all of our organizations in the area showcase and what their organizations can offer.”

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Thank you for giving us and me the opportunity. I think what you’re doing is great to get out to the community,” Zenaida commented to the staff writer for

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  1. It’s nice to see the individual Asian Nationalies have thier own festivals. Carly, are you going to this event? Wish I was in the area to attend this event. The Filipinos
    are one of the most warmest people in the Pacific region.

  2. During my time in the Navy and visiting places like Zamboanga in the Philippines among many others in the South Pacific. I was able to see several cultures and traditions. Such as a welcoming ceremonies with dancers and music. So I think it’s important for the younger generation especially those outside the Philippines to actually see and experience their own culture to see where it all comes from. And for them to get a better understanding of the older generations beliefs.

  3. With over 20,000 Philippino’s living in Pierce County and a local history as old as Tacoma you would think a lot more articles would recognize this vital part of our community. Thanks Carly for reporting this newer addition to our society. Few people realize that Tacoma has a Sister City International relationship with Davao City Philippines, the second largest city in that country so Davao City remains virtually undiscoverd by local Americans. Most Philipinos speak excellant English and are seamlessly engaged in our communities with major contibutions to our work force and society. I hope this article will be well read and stimulate more interests in Philippino events.

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