There were more than witchy women at Victoria Sells Antiques

Victoria Sells Antiques store, located at 125 South Meridian in downtown Puyallup, hosted their “Witchy Woman” follow up party to their Girl’s Night Out party last May. Sandy Hackbarth, owner of Victoria Sells Antiques, explained the history of the Witchy Woman event, “When our Girl’s Night Out event ended, our ladies were asking, “When is the next party?”  I knew that we needed to have a second party in 2011.  A committee of vendors from Victoria Sells Antiques along with my daughter-in-law, Andrea Thomson, helped to organize and plan our event.  In June, our first committee meeting was held to start building the “bones” of Witchy Woman.”  By August, all events were in place, invitations were finalized; by the first week of September our invitations were in the snail mail!”

On each side of the “magic carpet” that lined the entrance of the store, was a male escort guiding two women in the store at a time. An assortment of desserts, drinks, photo booth, jewelry appraiser (which allowed attendees to appraise one jewelry item per attendee), fortune tellers, belly dancer, and much more. Sandy explained the purpose of the Witchy Woman event, “Witchy Woman was hosted by Victoria Sells to “thank” our regular customers.  It was just a small way that we could show our gratitude for their continued support.” Sandy discussed how attendees were able to attend these private events, ““Witchy Woman” and “Girl’s Night Out” are events open to the ladies who belong to our Birthday Club.  Birthday Club is available to all of our customers; they just need to sign up when visiting Victoria Sells.  Their enrollment entitles members to all private parties and a birthday gift.”

Sandy shared what she thought of the event, “Witchy Woman was fabulous!  Over 135 “witchy ladies” attended.  The event included: champagne, desserts, jewelry appraisal, tattoo hallow, photography booth, a belly dancer, and fortune tellers.  In addition, our ladies spun our “prize wheel” when they made a purchase.  Prizes included: Halloween rhinestone jewelry, bags of treats, and cat glasses. Items every good witch should own!” Sandy discussed the best thing about the “Witchy Woman” event, “Victoria Sells loves to host parties for our dedicated customers.  Our ladies enjoy coming together and being entertained.  In this economy, parties hosted by retail stores are few and far between.”

When asked what people should do if they are interested in attending these events, Sandy replied, “Our Birthday Club ladies are customers who shop regularly in our store.”

Asked what improvements and/or goals she had for “Witchy Woman” next year, Sandy responded, “Witchy Woman for 2012 will have a host of new events.  The schedule will be “revealed” in our invitation.”

Stay tuned for these other upcoming events, “December 2011, we will be hosting “Victoria Sells Favorite Things.” Favorite Things is comprised of “Champagne, dessert, and our customers. We will be open from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Saturday in December for Favorite Things.

February 2012 will be our Valentine’s Day celebration, “Heart’s Desire”.  Invitations will be mailed out to our Birthday Club ladies.  Events are kept “a secret” until invitations are mailed out!” Sandy stated.

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By: Carly Calabrese, staff for