Third Annual Strutt for a Mutt Fashion Show

Saturday, September 29 at 8 pm at the Opera Alley Court C Tacoma, WA 98402 the Strutt for a Mutt fashion show will take place. Erica Cooley, PR representative for London Couture, explained the event, “It’s a fashion show paired with the Tacoma Humane Society in Pierce County. We style all the models for the fashion show and the dogs with the Humane Society walk with the models. Afterward, the dogs can be adopted from the attendees. We are trying to get cats as well. All proceeds are made for the Strutt for a Mutt goes to the Tacoma Humane Society.”

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Pre-sale tickets are $30 a person (general admission) and $40 a person if you buy your ticket at the door (that is if there are any tickets left). General admission tickets include: two drink tickets, hors d’oeuvres, a seat along the runway, one raffle ticket, and a swag bag (a small gift item bag from participating vendors). VIP tickets are $100 a person and include: admission to the show, a private pre-party and meet and greet with Shannel, a reserved table, a personal waiter for wine (VIP people need to be at least 21 years of age and older), hors d’oeuvres, one raffle ticket, adoption fee from the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County waived for the evening, two tickets to the Grand Cinema, and an exclusive swag bag. VIP tickets must be purchased in advance.

Erica commented: “It’s definitely our favorite event that we put the most time and work on. This is gonna be much bigger than the previous Strutt for a Mutt. I think the production value will be pretty grand for the Tacoma area. It’s pretty exciting; it’s the end of July and people are asking when it is and how they can come. We’re just trying to get the word out expansively to get as many people to come to this amazing event.”

Erica discussed the best thing about the fashion show, “The models get to walk with the dogs and the dogs are accessorized, that’s a very fun aspect. People really react well to it.” Erica explained a little more about London Couture, “We have a lot of designer clothing; we’re in the antique district of Tacoma. We have a lot of very beautiful formal wear and high end things especially for formal and every day wear. There are so many accessories, handbags, and so many shoes. It’s a very amazing place to work and I love this store.” Erica mentioned what many people may not know about Strutt for a Mutt, “The quality of clothes in the show is things that we pull from our inventory all year long. We pull things in our inventory shipments and set aside for the show so it has not been seen by the public before the show.”

When asked what she looked forward to about the event, Erica replied, “Seeing a great turnout for the show. Last year was a good turnout; we hope to be sold out by September 19. I want a lot of people there trying to up our exposure in the community. We throw so many events…we replaced fashion Fridays and this Friday with a Bachelorette party where Amerawcan Bistro catered and there was champagne and wine. We model it for the customer or if it’s their Birthday and they wanna come to the store and get dolled up, they can buy a dress and go out.

We used to call our Glam Power Happy Hour where there’s a hair stylist, make-up artist, hors d’oeuvres, and wine. We also give them free tickets to the bars around here. It’s a fun girl’s night by reservation. We do bridal and bachelorette parties and are trying to advertise. Our store is really beautiful and a fun place to host an event like that. We work with the made of honor. For Tacoma gay pride, we did a mock wedding trial so that they could get married (there was no real marriage certificate).”

When asked who she recommended come to the Strutt for a Mutt event, Erica replied, “Anybody that’s a dog lover, lots of dogs there and definitely someone that’s interested in fashion. There’s always a wide range of ages: men, women, children, and my grandmother. It’s definitely a very versatile event, except VIP is for those that are age 21 and older. Any age appropriate is appropriate for the event: middle school, high school, girls, and boys.

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  1. Pet care, Insurance, Fashion and Advertising is a multi-billion dollar business. And for some pets they live the life of luxury. But for many others the story is different. It’s good to see people and business’s step up to help. What an incredible exciting and creative way to bring attention to this issue. And still have a fun filled event. I hope all the pets in the show end up adopted and many more from the shelters around the state.

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