Third Annual Washington School Assembly Showcase

The third annual Washington Assembly showcase gave teachers, parents, and students the opportunity to visit with school assembly artists and performers and see them in action on Sunday, September 25th. Jeff Evans, Director, explained the history of the Washington School Assembly, “The assembly show case is a way for parents, teachers, and anyone planning programs for schools to see the people they’re booking rather than just looking through a stack of brochures. This is the only type of showcase in the state and we have a huge variety of performers from steel drum band to Mr. Toymaker who does toy making workshops to the Pacific Science Center. My goal is to let schools know about artists that otherwise they may not get to see. We had a five time world champion jump roper. Her name is Rene Bibaud and she does motivational assemblies. There’s Zerbe…he’s a crazy musical juggler.”

Jeff discussed the details for the event, held at the La Quinta Tacoma hotel.  The site is

People had a chance to visit the exhibitors booths and the exhibitors were happy to talk and show what they do. The big draw is that each school that attends receives a $50 off coupon for any assembly that they book that day.

Jeff mentioned the best thing about the event, “The main reason for attending is get to see the performers live…….you get to see them and talk with them and pick up information and book them and save $50.” Jeff shared what he believed many people may not know about the event, “A lot of people don’t know it’s happening, we do a direct mailing to all schools an hour and a half radius from Tacoma and email to some of my clients in past couple years and talking it up and dropping off at summer reading programs at the library I was at fairs (Pierce County Fair a couple weeks ago).”

Who does Jeff recommend attend the event? Jeff stated, “I recommend that anyone involved with a PTA or a school and we’re also inviting librarians and park and recreation activity coordinators anyone who plans events that are family friendly and are for kids. We use magic to get the kids attention once you get their attention, the educational message goes down a lot easier.

Many of the performers also do evening family night programs a great way to bring parents and siblings back to school for an evening of fun at the school.

My career started from a book in library when I was 12 and was immediately hooked went to the local library and checked out everything I could. Now when I do my reading magic show anything they wanna learn can be learned from books and maybe some of your families have seen Jeff at the local libraries.” Jeff has had his magic business full time since 1998, but has been interested in magic since he was 12 years old. When asked what he liked most about magic, Jeff replied, “The reaction that it gets from people is what makes it worthwhile.”

Jeff discussed the best thing about his job, “It’s that, seeing how people react you never know some people scream and laugh and some just sit there with their jaw open. Kids are great magic audiences they just wanna have fun you need to know what you’re doing for performing for kids if they see something they see fishy, they’ll tell you.”

Jeff mentioned, “Each school that attends, gets a resource binder from all the presenters and it’s free and something you can keep and pass along to the next year assembly planner. It’s a nice way to store everyone’s information in one spot. You can go online to see descriptions of each performer from a directory at”

Aside from being magical, Jeff is also funny, when asked what he thought of the event, he replied, “What do I think of it? I think it’s great, whoever came up with it, is genius.” We can only guess that Jeff was the founder. “It’s free, they get the free binder, $50 coupon, have to book one of the performers that day to use coupon an incentive,” Jeff concluded.


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