Thursday night, Sept 22nd … GLOW’s One Year Anniversary Celebration

Liz Nolan is the Director of Marketing at Valley Medical Center in Renton, Washington and one of the founding members of GLOW, a non-profit organization that is funded primarily through Valley Medical Center, and through community outreach to other sponsors in the community. Liz, who has been a member of GLOW since the kick-off event that took place September 30, 2010, said they started recruiting for members in April 2010. Liz explains what GLOW is in detail, “GLOW is a women’s health and wellness program created by a board of women in which the board is comprised of women leaders at the hospital and the other half of them are women leaders in the community. Together we created the program and launched it officially Sept. 30, 2010.”

Christine Cashen, wife, mother, author, 2011 GLOW keynote speaker focuses on “The Good Stuff: Blending Life, Love, Happiness and Humor.”

Thursday, September 22, 2011 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm (doors will open at 5 pm at the ShoWare center in Kent, Washington) will be the celebration of GLOW’s one year anniversary. (The ShoWare center is located at: 625 West James Street in Kent). Liz explained details of the event, “Celebrate one year anniversary and bring members back together to have an event to raise awareness in women’s health and have fun while doing it. We’re focusing on Christine Cashen, the keynote speaker, author, and mother. Her topic is, “The Good Stuff: Blending Life, Love, Happiness, and Humor.” Also, will have the Komen organization talking about breast cancer awareness and they will be focusing on breast cancer survivorship since October is breast cancer awareness month. Remind women about mammograms, breast exams, and to take care of yourself.

The first part of the event is a health and wellness fair for free health screenings; our partners have booths which include products and services targeted to women. We have live entertainment by “The Kellee Bradley” band and she is a local artist that writes her music. She is well known for song writing. There will also be the opportunity for attendees to socialize. At 7 pm the main doors will open and we’ll have dinner and the keynote speaker.

Dinner will be “family style” meaning we put trays of healthy food: a baked chicken, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and salad all on the table with platters for women to serve themselves. This way attendees socialize with each other and talk to people they don’t know and it’s a fun way to get to know each other. They enjoyed it last year so we kept it the same way. There will also be a chocolate pyramid for everyone for dessert. With “family style” everyone can decide what they want and don’t want [in regards to food selections]. Most everyone likes the chocolate.”

Valley Medical Center’s Neuroscience Institute flaunts their pink boa’s during the health and partner fair.

Liz shared what she’s looking forward to most with the event, “I think some new things from Christine; a new perspective on stresses that we deal with everyday and getting together with the big group of women that share a common interest of improving their health and the health of their family.”

Liz commented about what she thought of GLOW, “I think GLOW provides a place for women to come and get educated about health and wellness topics that pertain to them and their families as well as have fun at the same time. Really, the core component for creating the program was to raise awareness and have fun. Things like: breast cancer, women and heart disease, childhood obesity, and fitness are really focused through bi-monthly seminars for the women in the program. Membership is free and open to men and women and really target women healthcare managers. All ages are also welcome. We try to charge the members as little as possible; however, we do charge for the annual event. All other year round events are generally free or low cost for women to participate in.” She feels the best thing about GLOW, “It pairs together education and fun. It gives women a place to learn about health and wellness and a fun atmosphere to enjoy it in.”

Eriam Sisters, America’s Got Talent finalists, provided the live entertainment for the 2010 celebration. The Kellee Bradley Band will be featured this year.

Liz mentioned there would be prizes at the event as well; attendees’ admission tickets are automatically entered into a drawing at the end of the event for several things. “We have three of the radio stations this year that have helped with some giveaways (Warm, Wolf, and Spirit). When asked if she recommended her family and friends attend this event, Liz replied, “One of the fun aspects is just socializing with other people, whether it be bringing or meeting someone new….always fun to share. Since we’re about health and wellness for family, it’s always encouraged to bring someone: child, sister, spouse, or mother…Great time for everyone together in a fun environment and to learn something at the same time.”

It’s still not too late to get your tickets! Tickets are $20 and include everything at the event. Tickets can be purchased online at: www. (in which a convenience fee of $3.50 is tacked onto the ticket price) or no convenience fee if people go to the box office at the ShoWare center. There will be ample free parking at the event.

GLOW members enjoy the keynote on 'Too Much To Do, Too Little Time'.









Liz added, “Even for women that come to the event, they should at least join the program. It’s free and most of our events are free. That we if they sign up and what are all the upcoming events and we’re always providing some really good tips throughout the year.  Join through:

Juliet Funt, 2010 keynote speaker.

Sign up to be a member and see other events including the recap video; that’s the one that’s on YouTube: (the event from last year). The kick off celebration is really the beginning of it all.” Liz explained that GLOW membership includes the option to participate or not participate in the year round GLOW events. There are no other required stipulations for GLOW membership. All people that are interested in learning about their health, wellness, having fun, and meeting new people should join.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for