Two Events at Pacific Grill

The Pacific Grill in Tacoma is hosting the event, “3 Days of Love”, which takes place on Friday, February 15, and Saturday, February 16, from 5 pm to 6 pm. These are two extra days for people to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Pattie Graffe, director of Catering for Pacific Grill Events and Catering, “We are having a special Valentine’s menu that is slightly different, it’s not pre-fixed though. The atmosphere of the restaurant on these days will have white tablecloths, real candles, rose petals on Valentine’s Day through Saturday night.” Pattie commented on the 3 Days of Love event, “We have limited seating and want to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the most romantic restaurant in Tacoma.” She mentioned the best thing about the event, “Smaller tables with linens in a more intimate setting. If you don’t try lobster any other time of year, you should try it on Valentine’s Day.”

Pattie revealed what many people may not know at Pacific Grill, “Free self parking and everyone knows that and everyone thinks we’re downtown and that you have to pay for parking. We have valet in front of the restaurant.”

Pattie discussed the uniqueness of the event, “A lot of times restaurants don’t do Valentine celebrations for three days and maybe they will with a special menu, but they won’t keep pretty linens out and the day after you’d feel as special that day as you would on Valentine’s Day itself. We want it to feel the same every day with white linens and smaller tables and more two top tables. It is much cooler in a small table versus a table of six [at most restaurants] where they remove other place settings. It’s more romantic our way.”

When asked who she recommended to the event, Pattie replied, “Food lovers of course, couples, or singles that want to go out and have some good food (she laughs). If you don’t like Valentine’s Day because everyone’s out there, our own pastry chef has amazing desserts, too from soup to nuts (a phrase that means everything from appetizers to desserts) an outstanding eating experience.”

The second Valentine event at Pacific Grill is “Be My Valentine!”a sweet evening with Chris Anderson live at the Pacific Grill Events Center on Saturday, February 16, 2013 from 8 pm to 10 pm. Cocktail hours if from 7 pm to 8 pm. The dancing hour is from 10 pm to 11 pm. Tickets are $35 per person or an extra $25 per person for show and Pacific Grill appetizer buffet.

Pattie commented: “Chris Anderson is really engaging and it’s really a fun time. He sings love songs and it’s a cozier set up in the events center, tables won’t be set for groups of 8 to 10, but more so for couples and more candlelight…that sort of thing. It could be time to break out your red dress if you want to.

Chris is really engaging even if you’re not a dancer, you can enjoy people dancing or get up on the floor. His songs are familiar so that’s kind of fun, but also really great and he has a full band with live music (no tapes or background music). The whole lighting feels like you’re in a real live Las Vegas show. Chris puts on a great show. We’re having a 1930’s theme for the tables, so it won’t be red for Valentine’s Day. It will be an old fashioned set up with white feathers. It’ll be fun and the event is decorated and food to eat, too. It’s kind of like a dinner theater without the theater (there are no theater seats) and there are chairs with cocktail tables with a cocktail lounge).”

When asked who she recommended attend Chris’ event, Pattie replied, “All ages from age 18 to 80. He seems to have a draw for all ages. I’ve been doing his concert twice a year now for four years and it amazes me the wide range of people who enjoy his music. It’s fun for a younger group and he’s an excellent singer. Nothing’s too crazy (it’s not hard rock or anything) but old crooner kind of music and modern love songs.

I would reserve before Valentine’s Day as we are selling tickets up until event.”

For more information, please call the Pacific Grill main phone number at: 253 627-3535 or visit:

“It’s not like anything else in Tacoma in which you have to go to Seattle for the same experience,” Pattie concluded.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for

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