Vegetarian Cooking Class

Cooking classOn Monday, May 20,  from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Star Center located at 3873 S. 66th St. Tacoma, WA 98409, a vegetarian cooking class will be offered for the first time. Ellie Eckroth, Fitness Coordinator for STAR Center – Metro Parks Tacoma, recommends anyone who is interested in becoming a vegetarian or wanting to learn a different form of cooking to come to this class.

Ellie stated: “Health Coach Laurie Larson will be teaching a great class for those who are interested in a different form of cooking that can be beneficial for inflammation reduction, weight loss, and improved digestion.”

The class is: $22 for STAR Pass holders, $25 for Tacoma Residents, and $27 for non-Tacoma Residents. All forms of payment are acceptable and people can sign up online at: or call: 253-404-3939.

Ellie commented on the course, “I think the class is great because it introduces a very beneficial form of cooking to those who have an interest in becoming vegetarian or learning new recipes.” When asked the best thing about the class, Ellie replied, “The best thing about this class is the recipes you will learn as well as the nutritional components Laurie shares about the benefits of vegetarian cooking.”

There is no deadline for signing up for this class. “People may not know that STAR Center has a variety of cooking and fitness classes to support your healthy lifestyle! Visit the website at or call 253-404-3939,” Ellie concluded.

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7 thoughts on “Vegetarian Cooking Class”

  1. Carly I’ll pass this information around at work. I know of at least three women who are vegetarians. As well I’ll link this to my facebook so others can see and pass around.
    As always good job and keep these great articles coming.

  2. The STAR center is awesome! A great place to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Adam Wojtanowicz

    Laurie is awesome as an instructor! I plan on taking one or more of the upcoming cooking classes that STAR offers!

  4. What a neat concept for someone ‘thinking’ of going vegitarian!! I gives the options available.. Great article, staff.

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