What is your simple wish?

A Simple Wish located at 418 West Pioneer in Puyallup, Washington has been in business since January 2008. Their Enchanted Kingdom is a place for princesses of all ages to celebrate the magic of dreams made real. With lots of imagination, hard work and just a pinch of pixie dust, the Crystal Ball room and Tea Room were designed to spread wishes throughout the local community. Their kingdom was so successful, that in Autumn 2010, they opened their gates to welcome the very first class of princess preschoolers. And, of course, they look forward to sharing their magic with even more princesses in the future.

LaTonya Carr, co-owner of a Simple Wish with Michael Niles explained how she started the business from scratch, as prior to her business; she was performing parties in people’s homes. LaTonya decided there needed to be a location for people to have parties versus her traveling to them and saw the need to create a Simple Wish. LaTonya explained, “We do tea parties, princess parties, glamour parties, spa parties, and those are primarily evenings and weekends. During the week, we do princess preschool, which is an all girl’s preschool that focuses on the academics and social graces (manners and etiquette) building relationships social skills for girls that are age three to five.”

LaTonya discussed the best thing about her business, “We provide an environment that allows the girls to feel like a princess whether through a Birthday party, our princess events, or princess preschool. I love to see how excited they get if they’ve never been here before, they’re just in awe on the way it looks.” LaTonya shared, “Princess Preschool’s our newest edition and started last fall, which is our second class. We do classes of ten girls and they do academics and teach basic French, ballet class…drama we did drama a performance (two throughout the year) and did a princess fairytale. Christmas was really fun; creative art, and music. It’s definitely a different and very unique program.”

LaTonya shared how a Simple Wish is unique, “I think our facility is very unique with our chandeliers that look like something in a fairytale and a whimsical environment for our various events.” There is also a small retail area that sells: princess dresses, hair accessories, tea sets, and little girl gifts. There are also princess photo shoots where people can get pictures taken at their parties. They can come for a princess party photo shoot and get their hair and nails done, and dresses are provided. This would be ideal for girls age three to eight. Princesses can be hired to come to parties, including traveling to a location or having her at the Simple Wish location. The princess will take pictures with the guests at the party, sing, dance, and help open presents. LaTonya commented, “All the little girls were in awe that Snow White was standing in front of them. We also do summer camps, week long fairy, princess, and drama camps; and lots of arts and crafts, dancing, and stories, and a Royal Tea at the end of them. Day camps are for girls age three to ten.”

When asked who she recommended come to a Simple Wish, LaTonya replied, “It’s for the princess in all of us. I recommend little girls of all ages…Preschool from age three to five, princess parties for infants to 16 to 18 year olds…Anybody looking for a princess atmosphere and graduation parties.”

For more information about a Simple Wish, please visit: http://asimplewish.biz/. “After all, every princess deserves her own happily ever after,” Tonya added. And they say happily ever after is only in the movies. Make your wish at a Simple Wish, where your wishes actually come true.

By: Carly Calabrese, staff for Tacoma.com